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Kerberos client authentication times out with SQL error 87

Apologies for the length of this but I'm app developer, not a SQL DBA nor network Admin, so I'm out of my area and just wanted to be sure I documented everything as well as I could. This is a problem ...
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PHP remote SQL Server authentication issue

I have a named instance of SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition running on my host Windows 10. Using SSMS I can log in locally using Windows Auth or a SQL Server account. Whenever I try this from my ...
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what is the possibility to create a SQL user to connect through JDBC only not with SSMS and other tools?

Maybe my understanding was not clear about user authentication in MSSQL. I am very new to DataBase subjects. Thought of checking with the experts here. I am planning to provide access to SQL users to ...
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Which authentication is better for MS-SQL Server 2019 : integrated security=SSPI vs uid=sa;pwd=xx | windows auth vs sa auth

In my different web applications I use both ways, however, I would like to learn which method is better: 1: server=localhost;database=x; integrated security=SSPI;persist security info=False; ...
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How to know if mysql server is using sha_256 or caching_sha_256 authentication plugin?

Seems like I am using an older version on Mysql Server which uses sha_256 plugin for Authentication (which is now deprecated) .Because of this, I am unable to connect to my server with third party ...
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Can't connect to Azure SQL with error 18456

I'm trying to grant access to my Azure SQL database (on an elastic pool) to an external developer using SQL Authentication. In the database (not master) I ran the following commands: create user [...
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AD groups authentication doesn't work at the console of SQL Server 2017

I come up with this. A Domain admin windows user is able to login to a SQL Server 2017 instance from any client computer, but it can not login from the console of the server. TCP/IP and Shared memory ...
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How to prevent logins using Windows Authentication in SQL Server?

SQL Server supports creating logins using SQL, Windows, certificates and asymmetric keys. Is it possible to remove the option of creating logins with Windows authentication (and just allow SQL ...
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How to setup an ssh connection to a postgres 12 db using dbeaver

I am currently in the process of trying to connect to my local postgres 12 db. In the past (9.3/9.6) you were able to edit the .pg_hba file to modify which connections were allowed but that file doesn'...
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Availability Group Read Only Routing Not Working for SQL Logins

We have following config of Availability Group: - primary - sync secondary - async secondary - availability group ...
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