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Questions tagged [sql-server-pdw]

Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse is a version specifically built for high performance large data warehouses.

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Select into query, insert fails, but the table is created

I am using SQL Server 2016 and I tried to the following query. SELECT CONVERT(BIGINT, 'A') col1 INTO #tmp This query is obviously in error. Because it does not convert. However, the temporary table (...
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What cases benefit from the Reduce, Replicate, and Redistribute join hints?

The From Clause Documentation starting with SQL Server 2008 briefly mention 3 join hints and their basic mechanisms: Reduce Replicate Redistribute However there does not seem to be much information ...
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Output result of DBCC PDW_SHOWEXECUTIONPLAN into a variable

I would like to output the results of DBCC PDW_SHOWEXECUTIONPLAN into a variable (or table, I'm not fussy!). I know the PDW syntax is quite different when it comes to outputing results, which means ...
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Server roles in SQL Server 2016

There are 3 new server roles in SQL Server 2016: mediumrc largerc xlargerc Any idea what these are for? Google doesn't give any information about these.
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Is it possible to deploy Microsoft PDW on Azure?

I've read about it and want to play around with it for a bit. I think it requires a minimum of 4-5 machines to run, which is feasible with Azure IaaS, but how do I actually deploy it there?
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SQL Server 2012 Vs PDW [closed]

We are migrating to SQL server 2012 to PDW. Any SQL script for Comparing the data between SQL server 2012 and Parallel dataware house or any tools to compare.
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Raise error from Stored PROC in SQL Server PDW

I need to do some validation inside a stored procedure before I continue processing but SQL Server PDW (SQL Server 2008 R2) does not support RAISEERROR inside stored procedures. Is there any other ...
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Updating a big replicated Dimension (SQL Server PDW)

We use a SQL Server PDW appliance for our data warehouse. One of the tables in our warehouse is a replicated table with about 20 million rows. As part of our ETL process we need to expire old records ...
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