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How to Do a Sub Query and JOIN for Comparison Report

Hi I was trying to do a Sub Query and Comparison Report For Example, I have a Table of Teams with Color AND Name in a Single Table. A person can be on more than one Team and Multiple Team Colors can ...
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Compare two tables for discrepencies

I am trying to compare two tables in two separate databases (same instance) for a new data extract The tables have around 4 millions rows and due to how they've been extracted are not in the same ...
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Oracle: Simple way to compare all objects of a schema in two databases?

I'm attempting to compare all objects of two schemas located in two different databases. I know there may be ways to do this with TOAD and SQL Developer, but is there another way to do this by script ...
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What is causing BETWEEN to be replaced with <= and >=?

We have a Visual Studio solution for our SQL Server 2019 database, and it is stored in a git repo. One table has a couple of check constraints using the BETWEEN operator, like this. CONSTRAINT ...
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How to compare EF core code-first database with existing Azure Sql Server database

we have multi-tenants databases and we have special stored procedure to compare the structure of the tenents after each release. Now, we are moving to Azure SQL Server and the stored procedure is not ...
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How to compare and MERGE two SQL Server environments (not just databases)

Many similar questions were asked before, and mostly about comparing database schemas and data. That's all fine, but what about all the other SQL Server objects in the system overall? This is the ...
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SQL Compare data from two joined tables

i used SQL Server, and have two joined table Select, SUM( FROM data1 A INNER JOIN team b ON a.teamID = b.teamID WHERE month = 1 and year = 2019 GROUP by team second one is like this ...
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Red gate SQL Compare error while running using SQL Agent Job

I created a SQL agent job to perform a SQL Compare using the below command line powershell.exe -File D:\SQLCompareReports\DEVvsPRJ\DEVvsPRJ.ps1 This below given is the command line code in DEVvsPRJ....
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