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sqlnet is an Oracle configuration file. Use this tag only for questions that are about how to configure this file, or what particular options do to the Oracle configuration.

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ORA-12631 using Database Links with Oracle DBMS 19c on Windows Server 2019

We had a set of long-time Oracle 12c Database installations (multiple instances on separate VMs) on Windows Server. Over the past year we transitioned to Oracle 19c on Windows Server 2019. We found ...
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How to see the client_registration strings of the connected Oracle-clients?

Because we run multiple instances of the same application on the dev-servers, I'm trying to add the sqlnet.client_registration-parameter to the sqlnet.ora-files used by each instance. This, I hope, ...
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Oracle - Understanding Password Hash Versions

We ran into a problem, and so we're trying to understand all about the password versions. Here is what happened: We upgraded from 11g to 12c. Our sqlnet.ora had this parameter: SQLNET....
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How to use mariadb instead of sqlplus using sqlnet configuration files

currently I can access a database on a remote server using Oracle's instant client "sqlplus" The connection is dependent on a couple of configuration files in: $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin which are ...
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Safe to use SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_SERVER in 11g sqlnet.ora file?

I have a mixed environment running both 11g and 12c databases on the same server. One of our databases was recently upgraded to 12c, and the older Oracle clients have started throwing ORA-28040 ...
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Unable to connect to pluggable database using TNS but EZCONNECT is OK

I installed oracle 12c pn windows following the defaults settings... I end up with ORCL and ORCLPDB... I can connect to ORCLPDB using EZCONNECT via CONN system/password@//localhost:1521/ORCLPDB . ...
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SQL.EXPIRE_TIME in sqlnet.ora

I have set sql.expire_time parameter to 10 which recommends me to keep in my two node RAC database. At times, my application gets the error ORA-3135, therefore I suspect that this parameter could have ...
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server trace naming convention

I wanted to extract some information from the server trace file that is generated after I send a connect statement to the database. I wanted to know the naming convention for the server trace file. I ...
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Significance of ".WORLD" on end of Oracle connection

What is the significance of having ".WORLD" on the end of an Oracle connection name? I've found things to still connect without that suffix. I've also noticed that both the client tnsnames.ora file ...