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sqlnet is an Oracle configuration file. Use this tag only for questions that are about how to configure this file, or what particular options do to the Oracle configuration.

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How to see the client_registration strings of the connected Oracle-clients?

Because we run multiple instances of the same application on the dev-servers, I'm trying to add the sqlnet.client_registration-parameter to the sqlnet.ora-files used by each instance. This, I hope, ...
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ORA-12631 using Database Links with Oracle DBMS 19c on Windows Server 2019

We had a set of long-time Oracle 12c Database installations (multiple instances on separate VMs) on Windows Server. Over the past year we transitioned to Oracle 19c on Windows Server 2019. We found ...
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How to use mariadb instead of sqlplus using sqlnet configuration files

currently I can access a database on a remote server using Oracle's instant client "sqlplus" The connection is dependent on a couple of configuration files in: $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin which are ...
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