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.DTSX package is there a way to wrap a workflow into a transaction

I have a dtsx package that imports data from a csv into a table, it truncates the table before it loads the data into the table. The problem is that sometimes for a reason or another the package fails,...
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Why is SQLPackage suddenly including every scalar function in my SSDT project for ALTER in my deployment?

I have a SQL 2019 SSDT project with a large number of scalar and table-valued functions. Suddenly yesterday, my Windows TFS (on prem) deployment project's SQLPackage scripting step is suddenly ...
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SSIS Package hanging with two Constraints pointed at one Task: Can you have multiple constraints pointing to one Task?

In the example I pasted in the image, I have 5 Tasks. I don't think it's important what kind of Tasks I'm using--but I could be wrong, of course--because the main issue seems to be how the constraints ...
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I need some help on how to run the DBMS_COMPRESSION.GET_COMPRESSION_RATIO package on all the tables of a database to see if is worth the implementation or not. This is the procedure I'm running alone ...
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Oracle 19C Auto Compile fails on Package With SQL_Macro but ALTER PACKAGE ... COMPILE Succeeds

We have a package SCHEMA.MYPACKAGE with a procedure SCHEMA.MYPACKAGE.GETDATA that calls a sql macro SCHEMA.SQLMACROFUNCTION that exists within the same schema but outside the package. The macro is ...
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SQL Server Agent not running SSIS package

I have followed many articles to create an SSIS pipeline package, deploy it and schedule it. I'm trying to transfer data from two remote servers, an OLEDB driver that connects to a SQL Server Database ...
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SqlPackage Import - How to chose vCore purchase model?

I read the following documentation. Properties specific to the Import action Looking at the switch description for DatabaseEdition, I do not see a choice for vCore Azure SQL Database purchase model. ...
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Is it possible to apply filters on SqlPackage?

We develop a lot of modules separately. This means the Blog module has its own database in development. All objects of each module start with the module schema. So the Posts table inside the Blog ...
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importing bacpac file using sql package

How can I specify Database maximum size when importing bacpac file using sql package? The maximum size of 32GB is auto-sizing, but my actual DB size is over 35GB. Can I get to use DatabaseMaximumSize=(...
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Why does SQLPackage include my table-valued function in deployments when it hasn't changed?

I'm using SQLPackage in TFS to automate an SSDT project/DACPAC deployment with SQL Server 2014. I have a table-valued function that appears in the deployment report and script with every deployment, ...
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sqlpackage.exe fails on SignalR objects

Issue: When running sqlpackage.exe to apply a sql dacpac, it occasionally fails on broker/SignalR related objects, which breaks the build: *** Could not deploy package. Error SQL72014: .Net SqlClient ...
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SqlPackage importing of very large bacpacs to Azure

I want to import a database from a .bacpac file to a SQL Server in Azure. I read the document. It says that there is a flag called DatabaseMaximumSize=(INT32). I wanted to know if there's a limit that ...
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Deploying dacpac through sqlpackage.exe with NETWORK SERVICE user

I have a database release pipeline in Azure DevOps Server which deploys our dacpac files through Powershell commands that run the sqlpackage.exe commands to publish the database. I am using the ...
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SqlPackage resolving table that doesn't exist

I'm trying to validate the integrity of one of our SQL Server 2016 databases by using sqlpackage.exe to extract the dacpac and validate the schema: ./sqlpackage.exe /DiagnosticsFile:"...
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Exclude certain schema along with unnamed constraints in SSDT

Task Automate database deployment (SSDT/dacpac deployment with CI/CD) The database is a 3rd party database It also includes our own customized tables/SP/Fn/Views in separate schemas Should exclude ...
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