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SSIS OLE DB Source Editor Data Access Mode: "SQL command" vs "Table or view"

In BIDS, I'm running a Data Flow Task & I'm wondering what the difference is behind the scenes between using "Table or view" vs "SQL Command" for the Data Access Mode for an OLE DB Source. For ...
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Is it ok to have huge page life expectancy? [duplicate]

Recently I have buffer issue for my SSIS package. When i started to monitor metrics in perfmon i noticed the PLE is nearly 500000. Is it ok to have this huge PLE.
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SQL job using SSIS package takes a long time to run especially in the evenings

I have a SQL job that runs an SSIS package and it basically pulls records from staging table and dumps it into the master table. It used to take around 8 hrs. to run but in these last 10 days or so ...
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SSMS 10.5 alongside 17.7

To set the scene, I maintain 4 local SQL Server 2008 R2 instances. At some point in the near future, 3 of these will be upgraded to SQL Server 2017 and migrated to azure. I am currently using SSMS ...
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SSIS 2008: Illegal characters in path when trying to rename a file

I have a task that should rename a file I have a variable called RenameFileName \\servername\csv\BACKUP\" + (DT_WSTR,4)DATEPART("yyyy",GetDate()) + RIGHT("0" + (DT_WSTR,2)...
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SSIS - Disable Task Based on Variable Value

I have an SSIS package that runs a number of Data Flow Tasks all at the same time. Each Data Flow Task is placed inside a Sequence Container. Before the Data Flow Tasks are run, a Script Task is ...
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Run SSIS Package but the package path will be decided runtime

I have to import 16 Excel files into 16 tables through agent. The agent will process the data further. I have created a SSIS package for each . I don't want to create 16 jobs to do same steps. My idea ...
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Changing SQL Server2000 settings after converting to VM?

We have migrated a SQL 2000 server to VM and I am wondering what changes will need to be made on the VM? After the VM migration an SSIS package that transferred data from the 2000Server to a ...
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Oracle source with SSIS 2008

I am trying to use an Oracle OleDb source in my SSIS package with no luck, every time I try to connect to the server I get the error: ORA-12154 tns could not resolve the connect identifier ...
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Error occur during Oracle and Sql Server Integration

I have developed a SQL Server Integration Services package pulling data from Oracle 11g and storing in a SQL Server 2008 database. Everything works as expected, but when I schedule a sqlserver job to ...
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Error when running job using SSIS package

I have SQL Server 2008R2 installed on my Windows server 2008. I created a package using the Import and Export Wizard from file system. After that I created a job (SQL Agent Job ) that used the SSIS ...
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