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flat file datetime issue

I have a flat file with this datetime format 5/24/2017 05:12:44.243 PM. I have been struggling to convert this format to something like this 2017-05-24 17:12:44.243. I tried using this derived column ...
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SSIS Variables as expressions to generate Start and end dates of a quarter with input year and month passed as variable

Can someone help me create SSIS expressions for variables to generate QuarterStart(DateTime) and QuarterEnd(DateTime) as a variable with year(int32) and quarter(int32) passed on as user variables. The ...
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Download files from multiple FTP folders inside particular files in SSIS

I have an FTP server with a folder named CIV.2-130211067212254633. Inside this folder, there are files with names like 066075254035232083135067074114053142221015071213.Upload. ...
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How to create Destination table name with Getdate in SSIS OLEDB destination

How to create Destination table name with Getdate in ssis destination task. I have one table like Test..but i want to create new table like Test_09Feb2023 in OLEDB destination.
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SSIS Dynamically Loop through SQL Tables

I have been fighting with an SSIS package for sometime now. I did successfully build a package that will extract data from a specific table by creating a date list from a script task, use a ...
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Logging the conditions within a conditional split transformation (SSIS in SQL Server 2012 and 2016)

I'm struggling to find out how we can store the conditions inside a conditional split transformation when we run a package. I need a snapshot of the expressions (the whole expressions, not only ...
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