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The Stack Exchange Data Explorer is an open source tool for running arbitrary queries against public data from the Stack Exchange network. Features include collaborative query editing for all graduated and public beta Stack Exchange sites.

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Why does my stackexchange post not produce all rows?

Here is my code that I use over here - SELECT title,concat('',id), tags, score, creationDate From ...
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What are the benefits of using XML over CSV files in regards to data dumps? [closed]

Prologue I've noticed that one benefit of using CSV over XML for data dumps is the fact that fewer disk space is used. See minimal working example below. Let's suppose we have the following dataset. ...
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Which system catalog view has the create_date of a database which name was modified?

In the Stack Exchange Data Explorer each Sunday all databases are dropped and recreated one by one with this stored procedure. For each database the script starts with (paraphrased) for example Dba....
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What does double number sign ## mean in SQL?

A meta post gives a nice snippet of SQL declare @search nvarchar(max) = ##searchfor:string?carefully %listen## select id [Post Link] , score , creationdate , lastactivitydate , ...
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What is the difference between *data dictionary* and *data dump of SEDE*?

A meta post ( gives the "anatomy" of the data dump from SEDE that includes the structure of the public data dump(tables, columns, data types, etc) and ...
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