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Should I snowflake or duplicate it across my facts?

I'm building up a data warehouse to be used by SSAS to create cubes on, and I'm debating between two possible schemas. In my warehouse, I've got two different fact tables that tracking daily changes ...
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Store email in a separate Dimension or in a Degenerate Dimension?

I just started learning about dimensional modeling and I am creating a star to analyse email newsletter signups for an online business. I have a fact table that records the signups and links to a ...
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How to insert values into Bridge Table in star schema?

I am modelling my database with respect to star schema with bridge tables. My master Table looks like below. I need to convert this format to star schema. MasterTable StudentNumber | Subject1 | ...
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Dimension modelling for HR with Employee Dimension and multiple departments in a Data warehouse

What is the best way to configure a dimension model (preferably star schema) when we have the following requirements? There is an Employees table (25 attributes) where we are required to make some of ...
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Data warehouse: solving many-to-many relationship with duplicates

I'm learning dimensional modeling and have a question. I understand those basic examples such as a FactSale has DimItem, DimLocation. But when it comes to complicated cases with many-to-many ...
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Star Schema design considerations

We receive patient data that includes case level info (hospital id, patient id, length of stay, surgery date) as well as surveys/educational material that the patient completed as well as their ...
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Star schema with both many-to-many relations and inheritance

The problem I am trying to make a star schema of the following situation, concerning transactions on a stock market. I have summarized the scenario here: Each transaction traded on the market has 1 ...
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Reversing many-to-many relationships when transforming data into a galaxy schema

I'm building a galaxy schema for our analytics and sales data from our normalized data tables. I'm unsure how to treat many-to-many relationships in the facts tables. For example, for each sale, we ...
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Star Schema Design - Multiple Sources

I am planning the design of a star schema for a data warehouse. The data will be loaded from 2 separate staging tables (Client and System). The end user will need to be able to compare any ...
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how many fact tables do I need given I want to build an OLAP for Quotation Line Item and Purchase Order Line Item report?

My client wants a report that looks something like this on a daily basis. +---------------+-------------------------+-----------------+---------------------+-------------+ | ProductNumber | ...
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Handling updates in OLAP system for e-commerce system using immutable stores

I have a digital commerce system that we have built in-house and it has been working fine. We now want to implement OLAP to provide our customers with advanced reporting and BI features. While looking ...
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In a star scheme, How to define the fact table when the data has different levels of dimensions?

In a PowerBI project, I need some help to define the fact table/s. Eventually, I would like to have a nice star scheme to preset some basic visuals as stacked bar etc. to the client. I'm new to BI and ...
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ERD to Star Schema

I have a simple ERD diagram as represented below for a supplier for inventory goods. What would be the best way to turn this ERD into a Star Schema with one Fact Table and a few dimension tables? To ...
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Schema and/or reporting SQL for customer acquisition cost?

This a design question around creating fact/dimension tables to query customer acquisition cost and how to properly model the tables and query them. Business Rule We spend some money per day per ...
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How to Store a Many-to-Many Relationship Between Fact Tables in a Data Warehouse

What are some structures and models to store many-to-many relational data between two fact tables in a data warehouse? Currently, I am using a mapping table which includes the primary keys from both ...
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How to deal with equally growing fact/dimension tables in datawarehouse design?

I have a source data set with: customer customer_product_purchase customer_support_plan_purchase customer_support_request All of them have a relationship such that a support request is raised ...
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