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Moving from dynamic disk allocation to direct space disk via storage pool in SQL server

Pardon me if I am not clear in asking the question since I have very less understanding from storage terms used or how it's used with Sql server. Currently our storage team is testing to move disk ...
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Non RAM based in-browser database solutions?

I want to decentralize my databases and upload it to Sia Skynet to give the users the ability to search on front-end. It is important to be able to deal with large amounts of data, but the RAM-based ...
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Is there any such thing as an https storage engine?

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, and this may be a stupid idea, but... I have recently had to download data in table-form from websites, and I got to thinking that it might have been easier, ...
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Is the idea of 'pages' and 'extents' unique to SQL Server or shared by other database management systems?

I know that a database management system like MySQL can make use of multiple storage engines - i.e. InnoDB, MyISAM, etc. And reading into how SQL Server stores data (Understanding Pages and Extents), ...
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Connect Engine: behaviour on network outage

I am working in an environment with worldwide distributed databases. For the reporting, we use MariaDB Connect Engine to access the remote data from our central site. Sometimes the Network connection ...
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Table-specific storage engines blocking mysql_secure_installation

I've just installed MySQL 8.0 on an Ubuntu 22.04 system. I tried running mysql_secure_installation, but I got the following error: New password:   Re-enter new password:   ... Failed! Error: ...
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csv engine and mysql start

my question is about speed when perform service mysql start. with many tables (some not often used). what engines consumes more or less start time ? example: innodb --> the more tables, the more ...
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Best way to store HTML dropdown options

I'm developing a web site for a model agency. I have a "model" table with the details about each model (this is just an example): CREATE TABLE model { model_id INT PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR(...
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Change Storage Engine on Referenced Tables

i need to change storage engine from 'InnoDB' to 'MyISAM' on some tables of different databases. So i made a script file to do so: #!/bin/bash DATABASES=$(mysql -u XXXXX -pXXXXX --skip-column-names -...
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MariaDB CONNECT engine to read external mongodb collections

I want to access MongoDB collections through MariaDB 10.4.17. Both are installed on my local machine running Windows 10. Software listening port MongoDB 27017 MariaDB 15501 I installed the MariaDB ...
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