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Moving window search which stops at longest substring matches

I'm trying to create a search which searches a field for a longest matches possible and then stop. Here's the basic idea in Python for single match: import re def generate(txt: str) -> list: s ...
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Full text index search with character at the beginning

I am looking at tables like this (I did not design them): CREATE TABLE EventIDsToSearch (id int not null) insert into EventIDsToSearch values (1) insert into EventIDsToSearch values (92) insert into ...
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Searching across collections based on different column name

I have following collections with fields in my mongodb database: Collection: Category [ { "cat_id": "cat_id_1", "cat_name": "education" }...
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How to implement a "Command T" (VIM) -like search

I am thinking of implementing a string search similar to the command-t search in VIM. The context is almost the same: Finding Files in a Webapp. It's not easy to explain how the command-t search ...
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Optimize select query with OR and ILIKE

I have the following query for my PostgreSQL 13 database: SELECT * FROM "user" INNER JOIN "comment" on "comment"."user_id" = "user"."id" ...
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Search by first and last name of the Instructor

I have the below tables in the MySQL database create table course_class ( id varchar(36) not null primary key, class_code varchar(255) not null, ...
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Searching for and parsing out specific text parts within the values of a column

I'm working on a CASE expression that I need to have in order to search for, and parse out, specific text values. Sometimes the relevant column will contain a person's name, and sometimes it will ...
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Perform SELECT using WHERE IN clause on JSON Object in MySQL

I have a json column in MySQL which contains a list of items for eg. "style": {"style1", "style2", "style3", "style4", "style5"} I want to ...
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Query Optimization | Improve Query Time with LIKE Statement in Use

I have the following query; SELECT `e`.`entity_id` FROM `catalog_category_entity` AS `e` LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_entity_varchar` AS `at_url_path_default` ON (`at_url_path_default`.`row_id` = `e`.`...
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SQL search for a pattern in the middle of a string (infix search) without full table scan

With SQL, I need to select rows which have a pattern like %hello% (i.e. <anything>hello<anything>) in a column, with potentially 100 millions of rows or more. In the answer Infix search in ...
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Performance of searching for hex strings in large tables (using LIKE, Full-Text Search, etc.)

I have a table with 40+ million rows in MS SQL Server Express 2019. One of the columns store pure hexadecimal strings (both binary and readable ASCII content). I need to search this table for rows ...
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duplicate entries from mysql LIKE query

with this sample dataset I have this query SELECT, products.title AS product_title, products.code, products....
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How to search for compound words, and get the word parts returned

I need to be able to search for compound words like "menneskerettighedsforkæmperens" (the human rights activist's) and find the words "menneske" (human), "rettighed" (right) and "forkæmper" (activist)....'s user avatar
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Match similar special character in filters

I have to perform a search on a table with Turkish city names. The users would enter the first 4 characters of a city and I need to fetch the results from SQL. For example, user wants to find the ...
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