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Questions tagged [subtypes]

Questions about data that is organized into types and subtypes.

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Supertype table with disjoint subtypes in MySQL

I want to have base parent table with few disjoint subtypes. To illustrate what I mean: CREATE TABLE issues ( issue_id SERIAL PRIMARY_KEY, issue_type CHAR(1) CHECK (issue_type IN ('B', 'F')), ...
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How to relate a "parent common" table with its (possibly many) "subtype" tables?

I am having a bit of a brain freeze. I have a table whose properties are the root of four distinct elements, for example: I need to relate SystemType to a SystemCommon, where one SystemCommon can ...
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Confused about what to use to create the data

I want to create a database for myself. The data has complex grouping. I don't know which system to use to create my database. The data is in groups and sub-group forms, it almost has 5-6 layers of ...
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What is the difference between (Superclass/Subclass) Total and Partial Specialization?

What is the difference between total and partial specialization of superclass/subclass (or supertype-subtype) structures in enhanced entity-relationship modeling?
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Looking for suggestions to model a database of Electrical Components

We have a database of electrical components and I am trying to make sure I have a good design. I am not a database designer (my comfort zone is designing with these hardware components), so I am ...
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How to store data where various subcategories have specific columns?

I'm new to database designing. I'll use MySQL and PHP. I'm designing a database in which I have a lot of categories and subcategories like given below: Product Table p_id p_title category_id ...
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Schema for social network using the supertype/subtype pattern

Scenario I'm trying to come up with a schema for a kind-of social network app, where users can publish Posts (and photos inside Posts), and also manage a private Diary that has also Posts (not sure ...
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How to handle a table schema with a new relationship subtype in an interviews scenario?

I have a table of "interviews" and "interview reviews" for both the interviewer and the interviewee. When the project was started there was only the need for one type of review, which is shown below ...
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How to create entity-relationship diagram for tables that can potentially be united by an "IS A" relationship?

I have this schema: create table hall( building-id int, hall-id int, capacity int, primary key(building-id, hall-id) ); create table semester( sem-id char(5), start-date date, eend-...
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How to make Event (like a Party) Sources mutually exclusive?

I'm designing an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) for a marketplace of events. An event can be created by a user, in which case the Event table must have owner_id or we pull it from an API in which ...
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0 answers

ERD Design issue - general/central projects table

I have multiple different “project manager” apps as: Work Projects app manager, Home Projects app manager,... Each app has its own DB i.e separate ER diagram. Each app has it's own [projects] table(...
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1 vote
2 answers

Need help making a sane database schema

I am writing a backend for an application that has 4 main types of content: a message, a post, a thread, and a thread reply. Right now, these are all stored in separate MySQL tables: a table for each ...
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Help with ER design

So i am trying to create a db for a restaurant as a homework assignment.. However there is a spot that confuses me and involves the dish entity. "Every dish must belong to a category (soup,...
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Supertype/Subtype how to decide on representation scheme?

This textbook lists 3 options for dealing with a supertype/subtype relationship. However, it doesn't provide a lot of "reasons" to choose one option over the others. What sorts of things ...
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MySQL query: multiple select with different conditions and LIMIT for each, but also LIMIT whole query + paginator friendly

I would like to write SQL query (for MySQL) that is able to SELECT x rows by condition1 from table1 y rows by condition2 from table1+join1 z rows by condition3 from table1+join2 But on every page (...
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Trouble with inheritance: Separate table implementation for disjoint entities and common ID

I currently have four disjoint entity types (competition, talk, award, publication) that are to be converted to tables. In order to manage certain other data for each, i.e. documents related to each ...
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Does "Inheritance" Make Sense with This Requirement?

I'm using Oracle 12c. Given an existing table (we call it TBL_M), and based on the criteria below, I was wondering if using inheritance makes sense to lay out the entities: Information for one group ...
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Is there a best practice design for handling different types of the same object which have different properties?

This may be a rather naive question and I am not even sure if I am asking it in the best way, so my apologies if not. I would like to know if there is a standard, or best way to handle cases where ...
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How to create a SELECT statement involving a subtype

Okay, so all I'm trying to do here is "list" the managers who supervised the employee that charged a customer $100 for a rental on November 1st, 1998. My issue is that I don't know how to select the ...
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