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1 answer

Debug RPC Function Creation in Supabase

I'm pretty new to database stuff. I'm using Supabase to create an application where I keep track of the number of likes on certain items ('clicks'). I want to filter items either by the date the likes ...
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2 answers

Merging information from multiple rows into one row

I have three tables event, person and event_person_map event: id integer PRIMARY KEY event_name text event_date date person: id integer PRIMARY KEY full_name text email_address text event_person_map:...
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1 answer

Seeking Guidance on Migrating MySQL/MariaDB Data to Supabase

I find myself facing a challenge, and I'm reaching out for some guidance. My current project involves a rebuild for a client, and we're considering adopting the Supabase stack. However, our existing ...
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