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SQL Server object stored in tempdb used to support various data-versioning operations.

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Phantom Transactions using Version Store in tempDB

We are seeing version store space increasing on one of our servers, and there are ~20 sessions that are showing as actively accessing version store rows for over 24 hours. The problem is, when I try ...
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Tracking down reason for growing version store

Hello all and thank you for reading! Im trying to find the issue for a growing and growing version store in an app database. With the help here: Find transactions that are filling up the version store ...
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Transaction aborted when accessing versioned row in table 'dbo.sysmail_profile' in database 'msdb'

I'm having some problens with SQL Database mail, basicaly anything that I try to do gives me an error like this one below: Transaction aborted when accessing versioned row in table 'dbo....
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