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Excel VBA Connection String for ODBC System DSN

I am trying to create an Oracle connection string in Excel VBA. After lots of research, I have a working connection string: Set Oracle_conn = New ADODB.Connection Oracle_conn.Open "ODBC; Driver='...
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Connect to remote Oracle database from local SQL Developer client

I installed Oracle Linux 21c on the remote machine, tested it in Linux shell, and it worked as expected (I can query the testing table I created). But I am stuck when trying to connect to the database ...
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I have error in one machine from ORACLE cluster

I am using Oracle 10g Cluster. So, the listener on 1 Oracle machine hasn't been working for a week now. I get an error: ORA-12541: TNS:no listener When I want to start listener from oracle user, ...
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Oracle 11gR2 - Dynamic Registration

Database version: Oracle 11gR2 We want to use DYNAMIC_REGISTRATION_LISTENER parameter with off option. Our listener.ora file like this: LISTENER = (DESCRIPTION_LIST = (DESCRIPTION = (...
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ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error in Windows 10

Listener and service are up and running. In SQL Plus, if I connect with no login, and execute 'conn sys/pwd@host:port/sid as sysdba', connection is established successfully. But if I connect / as ...
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How can I troubleshoot TNS connection issues? Do I need TRCROUTE executable?

I am trying to connect to a particular TNS name; in my tnsnames.ora file I can see that it is defined as being a TCP connection to foo-scan on port 39000. I can tnsping this name OK. I can ...
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I want to delete connections in tnsnames.ora. I need to figure out which ones are currently in use, so that I don't delete them mistakenly

I'm using Oracle 12c in Debian 8 (on a vm) This question is for educational purposes only. I'm not using any production servers, so anything that you can tell me won't have consecuences To start with,...
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Why is tnsping not reliable from ports 20, 21, 22? [closed]

I think it's not reliable because those ports are used for FTP, SSH and SFTP but I am not sure that's the correct response in respect for Oracle DBA
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ora-12514 Error While Connecting local Oracle EXPRESS EDITION 11

I have recently installed Oracle XE 11 on my local machine and then installed SQL Developer. But when I try to create a new connection (for my localhost) or add from 'database detected local XE' it ...
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