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MongoDB to MySQL Replication Automatically [closed]

i have Mongodb server and mysql server. i want to use mongodb for "write" and mysql for "read". so i am looking for some tool or some process by which we can tranfer mongodb to mysql server on ...
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Which parameters and metrics to look at when CDC based replication is causing high load?

I'm investigating the reasons why a Tungsten Replicator extractor is causing heavy load on an Oracle 11g database. The replication is set up to use synchronous CDC and there is no unusual load while ...
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Multi-master synching in three geographically separate datacentres

Our company needs to create an application that operates in all parts of the world. We are looking to have three servers (one in Europe, one in Asia and one in America). I'm looking to use multi-...
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MySQL : 30GB of binlogs in 6 Hours

I have a mysql master/master setup with tungsten replicator. My server is reaching out of space, occupied around 30G in 6 hours. I'm not sure how to handle this. Would be great if some one can help me ...
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How to update all primary keys in the existing database

I'm moving mysql multi-master replication to production using tungsten. I had setup the auto increment and offset values in my.cnf file. To achieve this i'll have to update my all primary keys of all ...
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Relaying changes to a slave from another master with Tungsten on MySQL

I am trying to setup a multi-master type of replication with each master having an additional slave using Tungsten. As an example, lets say I have 4 hosts (A,B,C,D) and hosts A and C are the masters, ...
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How to make slave is in sync with master in tungsten replication?

we are using Tungsten master to slave replication in MySQL. we have configured this setup very long back. from last week onwards slave is in lagging with master around 5 to 10 binary files. we have ...
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