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is it safe to have an unlogged table on the ram disk?

I need to create a table for caching in the postgresql database. Transactions should be as fast as possible, so i thought of creating unlogged table and have a RAM disk as it's tablespace. There is a ...
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Is a Postgresql UNLOGGED table completely lost on process crash?

I use UNLOGGED tables for a few very large tables in a data warehouse style application. Until recently, I understood UNLOGGED to mean “won’t write to the WAL” - which in turn means that recent ...
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Unable to alter partition table to set logged

I have a partition table that I created UNLOGGED. I'm using pg_partman to manage the partition. I then proceeded to load data into it with a COPY command. Afterwards, I ran an alter table set logged ...
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Empty table after pg_restore

I have a backup of an unlogged table called potential_users, the relation has 58677237 records in it. Steps: pg_dump --format custom --verbose --file "potential_users.backup" --table "public....
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Set PostgreSQL table to LOGGED after data loading

I have created an empty UNLOGGED table to faster copy a large amount of data (over 1 Billion rows). Loading the data took around 4 hours. Now I want to set the table to LOGGED to make it safe for ...
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Disadvantages of unlogged tables

To make updates faster, I am using: ALTER TABLE imagingresourceplanning.opnav_fact_revenue_costs SET UNLOGGED ; What are the drawbacks of this command? What will happen if system crashes during the ...
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