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Relationship between /etc/localtime and Etc/UTC in PostgreSQL

I run our company's DBMS in containers, and when creating a container, the ansible deployment role mounts the host file /etc/localtime along the same path into the container (although, as far as I ...
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Why is Oracle's TZ_OFFSET wrong for all cities on only one server?

Why does Oracle think that the timezone offset of Denver is UTC-7:00? The server time and systimestamp look right. Server 1: Oracle SELECT SESSIONTIMEZONE FROM DUAL; America/Denver cat ...
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Compute Leap Seconds

I use PostgreSQL 11 and have two columns. One is unix timestamp which is not aware of leap seconds and an utc timestamp which is aware of leap seconds. Is there a way either to find the number of ...
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UTC time showing wrong [duplicate]

UTC time is showing incorrectly in mysql 5.1. currently, it is 9 AM mysql> SELECT UTC_TIMESTAMP, UTC_TIMESTAMP( ); +---------------------+---------------------+ | UTC_TIMESTAMP | ...
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Oddities with AT TIME ZONE and UTC offsets

I don't understand the difference between these two columns. America/Chicago timezone is UTC-6, so I expect both to return the same result: select timezone('America/Chicago', '2017-01-01 12:00:00'::...
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convert historic local time to UTC taking into account of daylight saving [duplicate]

How should I convert historic local time to UTC taking into account of daylight saving? The main problem is the daylight saving doesn't occur at a fixed period every year and hence I cannot think of ...
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How to best store a timestamp in PostgreSQL?

I'm working on a PostgreSQL DB design and I am wondering how best to store timestamps. Assumptions Users in different timezones will use the database for all CRUD functions. I have looked at 2 options:...
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Query MST instead of UTC for timestamps

on SQL Server, i'm trying to query all of last months data based off of the time stamp, however, all those timestamps are in UTC and i need them to be in MST (the reason is mainly for the end dates) ...
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Get time format in PostgreSQL

If I want get Ubuntu system time, I have two options: $ cat /etc/timezone US/Eastern $ date Sun Sep 15 14:45:02 EDT 2013 How can I find out if PostgreSQL is using utc or a utc offset, such as US/...
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WorldWide site - should I save UTC or in fixed time?

Let's say I have a world wide website ( I mean it has uses from all around the world). I have 1 server which is in germany ( at some city). it will never be moved from germany - ever. My question ...
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How can I get the correct offset between UTC and local times for a date that is before or after DST?

I currently use the following to get a local datetime from a UTC datetime: SET @offset = DateDiff(minute, GetUTCDate(), GetDate()) SET @localDateTime = DateAdd(minute, @offset, @utcDateTime) My ...
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MySQL Set UTC time as default timestamp

How do I set a timestamp column whose default value is the current UTC time? MySQL uses UTC_TIMESTAMP() function for UTC timestamp: mysql> SELECT UTC_TIMESTAMP(); +---------------------+ | ...
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