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Customer just bought an Oracle license - am I allowed to install Oracle without support contract?

I understand that when I buy an Oracle license, I can choose which version I install, these days either 11gR2 or 12c. But which patch level am I eligible to install? Is it which was released ...
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Paid support for PostgreSQL

We're planning to sell a small ERP product that utilized PostgreSQL on the backend, targeting between 10 to 500 users per client. The management insisted on getting paid support for PostgreSQL, but ...
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Service privileges for Patch Download? (Oracle 11gR2)

I first asked this question on stackoverflow, but someone pointed out that this might be the appropriate site. Hope I am doing this right. To perform tests in advance of an upgrade from Oracle 11gR2 ...
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How to maintain database ownership restoring across domains?

I am working with a vendor who is developing a SQL Server database outside of our domain. Occasionally, they need to deploy a new copy of that database into our domain by backing up their database, ...
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SQL Server edition support [closed]

Does anyone know whether Microsoft supports SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition SP2 anymore? The following is from reported from @@version Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.5000.00 (X64) Dec 10 2010 ...
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Rebuilding an entire Microsoft SQL Server Database

Is there a suggested way to rebuild an entire SQL Server database from another database in SQL Server 2012 SP2? Let me explain... we have a database that we are trying to enable partial containment ...
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Canceling SQL Server Support [closed]

I need your advice. Our company is about to cancel the SQL Server support. I have this instinct feeling this is a very bad idea. No more SQL Server updates, I know, but even when that is reason ...
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What steps should I perform to prepare a MDF for distribution as a (mostly) read-only database?

I am on a team that develops a product that uses several SQL Server databases. Some of them are mostly read-only. Tables do not get changed, but some views and stored procedures get changed as a way ...
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Risks of changing to ARITHABORT ON

I'm working with a vendor with the arrangement that they provide the core application, and I can build my own extensions as long as I don't modify the core application. It's built in ColdFusion ...
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Is Oracle Configuration Manager HIPAA compliant?

Does Oracle's Configuration Manager which according to Oracle provides a "40% faster issue resolution", violate HIPAA or require specific configuration in order to comply? This question concerns ...
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Case Behavior Changed Between and

I have a case open with Oracle and they say they can't reproduce this. Running the following in or lower produces two rows from both of these queries, but in the second query ...
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Oracle Support Tips & Tricks

How can My Oracle Support (Metalink) be used effectively? What are your secret hints to this system? What saved you the most time?