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how to add a query to postgres and have it show up as a table [closed]

I'm not sure what technology I need because I'm not a DBA, but I'm sure there's a good way to do this. I have a postgres database with this schema (top two tables exist): So I'm trying to add the 3rd ...
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Intended use case for virtual columns with function-based index?

What is the intended use case for virtual columns with a function-based index? The reason I ask (novice): I've been exploring options for pre-computing columns in a table. For example, in a roads ...
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Adding Virtual Column after column x is very slow

In our environment, we usually add and drop generated columns every now and then. There is a very large table in the database with more than 3 million rows and adding/removing column was extremely ...
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Can not drop virtual column | ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column in 'GENERATED ALWAYS'

I'm just running a command: optimize table some_table_name_here; But it results with: Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text db.some_table_name_here | optimize | note | Table does not support optimize, ...
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Convert rows into columns MySQL DataBase

I have two tables and I would like to generate a query relating the tables. Until now I have this query: SELECT Table1.*, table2.* FROM Table1 INNER JOIN table2 ON table2.FK_ID = Table1.ID but I ...
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Is it possible to alter normal column to virtual column in Oracle?

ALTER TABLE TAB_NAME ADD TEST_COL VARCHAR2(255); ALTER TABLE TAB_NAME MODIFY TEST_COL GENERATED ALWAYS as ('some_exp') VIRTUAL; Second script gives an error: Error report - ORA-54026: Real column ...
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Column with Default value as Sum of TIMESTAMP

I have a table which has 2 columns ( JobDate , RecordTime) -------------------------------------- JobDate | RecordTime | SumCol -------------------------------------- 2019-07-20 | 2019-07-...
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How to use column alias to calculate other column value

My query is SELECT (`house_rent`+`conveyance`+`medical`+`dearness`+`others_allowances`) AS earnings ,(`income_tax`+`pro_tax`+`emp_state_insu`+`absence_fine`+`others_deductions`) AS ...
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Obtain virtual column formula with SQL

We want to update the condition of a virtual column and to minimize error posibilites we want to extract the exact function working today to add new parameters to take into account. I've firstly test ...
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Does MySQL update indexes on virtual columns on tables that are being replicated from a master?

We use statement based bin log master-slave replication with MySQL 5.7. We use the slave for analytics and so add additional indexes and things not required on the master. I recently tried to add a ...
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"ORA-12899: value too large for column "V_UUID" (actual: 36, maximum: 4000)" when used to generate a Virtual column

I have the following function: CREATE FUNCTION UUID_AS_HEX(bytes IN RAW) RETURN CHAR DETERMINISTIC IS uuid CHAR(36); BEGIN RETURN REGEXP_REPLACE(bytes, '([0-9A-F]{8})?([0-9A-F]{4})?([0-9A-F]...
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Concatenate multiple columns into one column (,) separated [duplicate]

In SQL database that stores Images in a parcelImages table.Since each parcel can take part in multiple Images and each images can involve multiple parcels. I want to get each parcel having Image ...
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Oracle random number as default column value

I'm trying to create a table in OracleDB and assign random number to one of the columns as a default. I have this setup working in postgresql create table table_name ( column integer NOT NULL ...
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How do MySQL 5.7 virtual columns differ from views?

Starting reading point: Running some tests with the most recent percona 5.7 they seem to work well. Explain plans ...
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Find columns referenced by virtual column expression

Does anyone know of any Oracle dictionary views that hold references of 'real' columns to virtual columns? For example lets say I have a table like this: create table t ( c1 varchar2(5) ,c2 as (c1 ...
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Database engine that share a row among multiple tables

I'm wondering whether exists any database engine that can share cells or rows amongst many tables. For example: TABLE Customer ( CID: int Fullname: nvarchar(50) Age: int ) TABLE Group ( ...
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Constant values in columns

I have a SQL Server 2000 database used by our ERP system. There are many columns that always have the same value. A table row is really huge, potentially exceeding the maximum row size in SQL Server ...
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Creat Temporary Id in SQL Statement

I have a table id name 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 3 Beta 4 Charlie 5 Charlie I want to assign a temporary id at the run time in the SQL statement, So the desired result should be like myid name 1 ...
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Is (and if how) it possible in Oracle to "insert into <table> values <rowtype-variable>" if <table> has virtual columns

Here's a table create table tq84_virtual_test_without ( col_1 number, col_2 number, col_3 number, col_4 number, col_5 number ); with the rule that col_5's value is the sum of the other ...
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