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Debugging T-Sql code using Visual Studio 2019. Error message: frame not in module

DBAs, Has anyone had success using Visual Studio 2019 for debugging T-SQL code, the way SSMS allows Step-into & Step-over? When I hit debug (Alt-F5), gives me this error, after making some ...
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SSDT db-project compare throws "source schema drift detected" for members of sysadmin

We are using SSDT database projects where changes will be done in the dev-DB, then a compare is done between the devDB and the VS-DBproject and selected changes is updated into the VS-project. Lately (...
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How can I downgrade an SSIS project for use with VS 2017 standalone?

I inherited a project that was being built in VS 2019. After I finished building it and asked the requestor for clarification on how to handle a few scenarios I get a warning that the license for VS ...
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Visual Studio Data Tools (SSDT) schema comparison tool does not match database objects

I am using Visual Studio Pro 2019 (16.9.4) and SQL Server Data Tools (16.0.62103.10080) but this happens since the beginning of Visual Studio 2019. I use the Schema Comparison tool to compare ...
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SSIS Dynamically Loop through SQL Tables

I have been fighting with an SSIS package for sometime now. I did successfully build a package that will extract data from a specific table by creating a date list from a script task, use a ...
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Where does master.dacpac come from in VS 2019?

We have some build tasks that run and for the life of me I can't figure out why the ms build tools isn't installing the master.dacpac file needed for the master and system dacpac files. Here's where ...
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SSIS not able to run package in SSMS

It's very simple package, running fine when executed via visual studio. From the report I get: Visual Studio 2019 Community SQL2019CTP3.1 In the connection manager I am using windows authentication. ...
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