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Use the tag Visual Studio when you are having issues using Visual Studio in combination with a database system.

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Why should I use Visual Studio 2010 over SSMS for my database development?

Visual Studio 2010 introduces database projects and a whole array of related features that supposedly facilitate database development. I've used SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for many years to ...
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Error starting localDb on Windows 11

I installed Windows 11 on a brand new NUC, then installed all updates. Installed Visual Studio 2022 CE and SSMS (v 18.10) I attempted to start the localDB which is assume was installed as part of ...
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Using the Schema Generation Wizard to regenerate a previously-generated schema

Lately, I've been trying to clean up a group of projects that my company received from an outside contractor. Among them is an SSAS cube, with an associated data warehouse. The contractors generated ...
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2 answers

Regenerating a cube relational schema in Visual Studio

I have an Analysis Services cube project that my company received from an outside contractor, and I'm trying to get it so that developers can work on it on their local machines. I'm pretty sure that ...
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SQL Visual Studio Find and Replace in Publish Profile

We have source control in Visual Studio Database Projects (SSDT). To make cross database references, we utilize something like this below in Project References. We need Project references, since ...
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Class not registered error in SSAS Data Source View

Has anyone come across Class Not Registered issue while opening Data Source Views in SSAS using Visual Studio 2015? There are similar posts not haven't found anything exactly the same. Error text: ...
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How to change "deployment target version" on SSIS 2019?

I am experiencing the following errors when using the "Transfer SQL Server Objects" task in SSIS on Visual Studio 2019: An exception occurred in SMO Value cannot be null. Parameter name: server ...
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