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For questions about very large databases. (Usually over 1 terabyte)

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HA options for a VLDB

We have 2 VLDB's - 6TB (primary db, not much OLTP traffic) and 4TB (archive db). Data will be moved/archived (delete from primary and insert to archive) daily from 5 large tables. Currently this ...
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Custom index maintenance percentages for a very large table

I'm using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU12) (KB4536648) - 13.0.5698.0 (X64) Feb 15 2020 01:47:30 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows Server 2012 R2 ...
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Managing a SQL Server database with over one terabyte of data [closed]

Recently we have an audit database that went over one terabyte and, since we have storage problems, management is looking for options. My proposal is at the end of each year we take a backup and ...
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Log shipping large database

I have Question on log shipping: I am migrating a VLDB (12TB) SQL database from a physical environment (server A) to virtual environment (server B), and from version SQL 2008 R2 to SQL 2014. The ...
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Backup and Restore SQL Server VLDB

We are planning to configure AlwaysOn on SQL Server 2016 (Windows 2016).This is Azure Machine The DB size is around 15TB. Which is the best method to take backup from Primary and restore in Secondary ...
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Restore SQL Server 2016 - buffer memory - OS memory

When restoring SQL Server 2008R2 DWH-DBs I always gave some memory back to the OS to speed it up. Now I got performance problems restoring to SQLServer 2016: Where does the restore buffer come from? ...
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How to design a partitioning strategy for a VLDB OLTP solution (SQL Server 2016, >100TB init. size)

I am currently working to design a MSSQL 2016 based platform to handle a dataset (OLTP based) that will grow above the PetaByte level. It will be used for specific types of analysis that will require ...
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TDE - Encryption on a large database

I'm in the process of researching TDE implementation on a VLDB and would like to know if anyone has real world experience with enabling encryption on a production server. What kind of problems (if ...
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VLDB - Create SQL DB Snapshot And Run Granular DBCC CHECKDB Commands

I have a 25TB db (SQL2008 Enterprise SP4) that appears to not have had CHECKDB run on it in production. No idea if it was run against a restored backup somewhere at sometime. Right now I don't have ...
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Disk size and log file growth during upgrades

I have four SQL Server databases. Per the maximum load requirements, each database file can be between 1 and 2 TB in size. The HDD is a multi-disk DAS with about 9TB of space. During a database ...
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good strategy for big tables and archiving in sql server 2012

I have a table with roughly ~500,000 rows a day getting added into it. The database supports an OLTP system. The make up of it is a bit like this: create table Stuff (StuffID int identity not null ...
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Integrity checks on large dbs (700GB)

What's the best strategy for integrity checks on large dbs? DBCC CHECKDB (DB Name) would probably take over 24 hours and the largest table, being 532GB, would probably take over 17 hours.
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How do you generate large OLTP and reporting workloads? [closed]

My current skillset lies towards plain vanilla data warehousing, with < 20k users, our setups are rather simple.. I am looking for ways to enhance my technical skills, however, as much theory as I ...
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Shrinking large DB file not working

I have a 5 TB database file (don't ask why) that I am cleaning up. I was already able to free over a TB and I will probably end up at 2.5 TB. All best-practice advice aside, I need to now shrink this ...
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Database design for handling 1 billion rows and counting

We receive real-time GPS data at a rate of around 5000 pr. minute (from 4 TCP servers). Each server uses a single connection to insert the data, and buffers data in between inserts. Every 15 minutes ...
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Database restore on new server and upgrade to SQL Server 2012

I have to move a 5 TB SQL Server 2008 database that has mirroring setup to a new server that will have SQL Server 2012 and always on AG setup. I am wondering if detach/attach would be faster or ...
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Dividing DBCC CHECKDB over multiple days

I'm working on implementing Paul Randal's method of manually spreading DBCC CHECKDB over several days for very large databases, which basically consists of: Dividing the tables in the database ...
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