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SSMS connections not using KERBEROS over VPN - why?

I have a very simple setup. SQL Server X (2012) and SQL Server Y (2016). X has a linked server to Y using the setting "Connections will: Be made using the login's current security context". SPNs are ...
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Azure Sql Server VPN connection

I saw a couple of questions already submitted 1 or 2 year ago, without a clear answer. I'd like to know if I can connect my private Network, or whatelse to an Azure Sql Server. Point-to-Site VPN I'd ...
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1 vote
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Issue connecting to remote SQL Server database through VPN

I need to connect to a remote SQL Server database of a client to do some syncing and other stuff. They use a VPN connection and have provided me the VPN address, RDP to SQL Server, username and ...
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Intellisense not working over VPN

I'm running SSMS 2019 on my laptop, connecting to 2 different SQL Servers - 2008 R2 and a SQL 2016 machine. When I'm physically in the building where the servers reside, Intellisense works great. But ...
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2 answers

psql connection timeout issues

I am trying to establish a (logical) replica of a database on a remote site. Therefore we established a permanent VPN connection to that site where we are running two machines. One is an Ubuntu 18.10 ...
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How to access a VPN client directly from VPN server via IP address

I am running a MariaDB server and an OpenVPN server (SoftEther in this case) on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine. On my Raspberry Pi, I am running a MariaDB server aswell. My goal is to enable a Master-...
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Are there any big security risks for opening ports 1433 and 1434 to VPN Only? [closed]

So my organization is using VPN and Remote Desktop (RDP) for telecommuting. Due to some internal issues it has been requested of our Network staff to open ports 1433 and 1434 (SQL Server ports) to VPN ...
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Cassandra security - private IPs with some VPN solution or public IPs and open ports?

there are many different solutions to secure a cassandra cluster. One of them is to enter public IPs and open the 7000/9042 port on each sever. Another one is to have everything in a private network ...
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