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Permissions for setting a baseline for SQL vulnerability assessment rule

I'm getting a SQL vulnerability error discovered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud. The error points to the following Vulnerability Assessment rule. But when I try to set a baseline (recommended by this ...
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How to perform SQL vulnerability assessment in SSMS 19.1 onwards?

I'm using on-prem SQL 2022 enterprise edition. SQL vulnerability assessment option is taken out from SSMS 19.1 onwards. I'm reading that this feature is now part of defender for cloud. If anyone has ...
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What are some sensible approaches for dealing with 4,000 vulnerabilities across 700 databases in 70 servers

I'm looking for ideas here. I've inherited a large SQL estate with multiple servers in multiple configs that has grown over 10-15 years with no specific DBA-skilled individual in charge. I'm the first ...
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Security Updates for Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB Driver

Actually I have silly question. If I install below update during working hours then is it occurring any interrupt ? Also I have checked release notes. But I couldn't find anything. Security Updates ...
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Is SQL Server affected by OpenSSL 3.0 Vulnerabilities: CVE 2022-3786 and CVE 2022-3602

I am trying to establish whether SQL Server is affected by the recently discovered OpenSSL vulnerabilities. For example, are SQL Servers that are using TLS/Certificates to encrypt connections between ...
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How to setup Mysql master-slave replication with the slave meant for testing where divergence is OK

Problem: I have a staging DB server on which functionality is tested before pushing it to the production environment. Now, we want to start doing VA/PT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing) ...
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Should I provide db_owner principal role to the user of the Azure SQL of my Azure Web App?

I have an Azure Web App connected to an Azure SQL database. Let's call the app ACME. The application has it's own Role and User called ACME, and I gave that User db_owner principal roles. The ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Should I drop dbo from the database role db_owner?

I did a Vulnerability Assessment for my database today. I found VA2108 and it suggests me to ALTER ROLE [db_owner] DROP MEMBER [dbo] But it's the default setting of any SQL instance. Should I go for ...
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2 answers

How can I run SQL Server Vulnerability Assessment from a SQL Job?

I want to run SQL Server Vulnerability Assessment from a SQL Server Agent Job. Currently, I am attempting a job with a PowerShell script and am running a command like the one below. Invoke-...
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2 answers

Incorrect "Sensitive data columns should be classified" report

Every week I'm getting a failed "Vulnerability Assessment" email report from my Microsoft Azure SQL Database that is incorrect. It complains about columns that have is_computed column in sys.columns ...
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1 answer

On what basis DMA identifies columns for Dynamic Data Masking?

Can anyone help me explain on what basis 'Data Migration Assessment' features recommendation suggests for Dynamic Data Masking and displays certain objects/tables columns for masking. On what basis ...
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0 answers

SQL Vulnerability Assessment Error in PowerShell

I am running Vulnerability Assessments against my SQL Servers and databases using the PowerShell cmdlets Invoke-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan and Export-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan, however, I am ...
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Trying to disable xp_Cmdshell and rpc_out and and receiving mixed results

I'm trying to disable xp_Cmdshell and rpc_out and when I run the commands on query analyzer it shows it's disabled. But after this I need to run a security scan report which provides me the following ...
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