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Questions tagged [vulnerability-assessment]

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Permissions for setting a baseline for SQL vulnerability assessment rule

I'm getting a SQL vulnerability error discovered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud. The error points to the following Vulnerability Assessment rule. But when I try to set a baseline (recommended by this ...
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SQL Vulnerability Assessment Error in PowerShell

I am running Vulnerability Assessments against my SQL Servers and databases using the PowerShell cmdlets Invoke-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan and Export-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan, however, I am ...
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Security Updates for Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB Driver

Actually I have silly question. If I install below update during working hours then is it occurring any interrupt ? Also I have checked release notes. But I couldn't find anything. Security Updates ...
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How to setup Mysql master-slave replication with the slave meant for testing where divergence is OK

Problem: I have a staging DB server on which functionality is tested before pushing it to the production environment. Now, we want to start doing VA/PT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing) ...
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