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PostgreSQL: data retrieval from a private (authentication-based) RESTful web API using a foreign data wrapper

In some cases, one want to feed or populate some PostgreSQL database tables using data fetched from the web, e.g. through a RESTful API (serving JSON features). I've recently discovered foreign data ...
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Oracle 11gR2 - Dynamic Registration

Database version: Oracle 11gR2 We want to use DYNAMIC_REGISTRATION_LISTENER parameter with off option. Our listener.ora file like this: LISTENER = (DESCRIPTION_LIST = (DESCRIPTION = (...
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Is it good idea to invoke Web Service from the database function or trigger?

I am using PostgreSQL in my Web API project. I have created Web APIs using .net core. Now I have a situation, where I want to process the inserted or updated data and store the processed data in some ...
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How not to "naturalize" surrogate keys?

Don't naturalize surrogate keys. As soon as you display the value of a surrogate key to your end users, or worse yet allow them to work with the value (perhaps to search), you have effectively given ...
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System.Web in SQL Server CLR Function

I have done some light research into this topic and I would like to know what are all the pro's and con's or enabling/registering this particular .dll within SQL Server? Back information - we are ...
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Is Oracle DBLink Vulnerable? [closed]

We have a web page on internet that calls a web service located on our intranet. The web service talks to Database A to get some data. Database A has a DBLink to Database B. This link is used to ...
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Running queries on a mirrored database

I have a Web forms site running with a database on a VM (VM1). I also have a MVC 5 Web app that has its own membership database on another VM (VM2). I want to retrieve customer information ...
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SQL Server Web Service in a web environment architecture

I am new at SQL Server web Service and not too knowledgeable in setting up a secure web environment... From what I've read until now regarding SQL Web Service, I would need to: 1. create a stored ...
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How to store search keyword or browsing history in database [closed]

I'm making my final year project. Which is a website. Things I can't do: Store the browsing history of users between their login and logout session on the site. Or Store the search keywords. But I ...
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SQL Server: Mixed mode security: Can a non AD user (a local user, remote client) have a trusted connection to SQL?

I have used SQL Server trusted connections for years. It works well when the client app is a domain user. Imagine this three server config: dbserver webserver domain controller I now have a ...
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Calling a web service from T-SQL (Stored Procedure) using MSXML [closed]

EXEC @hResult = sp_OAMethod @objectID, 'send', null, @requestBody IF @hResult <> 0 BEGIN EXEC sp_OAGetErrorInfo @objectID, @source OUT, @desc OUT SELECT ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Audit use of CLR Table-valued function

I have written some CLR table-valued functions that invoke a web service and I would like to audit their use. Does anyone know of any way this can be achieved in the CLR code itself? I would be nice ...
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Bringing web service data into SQL server

I need to retrieve a data set daily from a hosted Web service. I can retrieve the XML "column names" in an SSIS package. But I need to retrieve all the data in the data set in csv format or bring ...
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How to get response from stored procedure before it finishes?

I need to return partial result (as simple select) from a Stored procedure before it is finished. Is it possible to do that? If yes, how to do that? If not, any workaround? EDIT: I have several ...
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SQLCLR TVF that calls web service is getting error 401: Unauthorized

I am calling a web service from a SQLCLR TVF in SQL Server 2008 R2. On the IIS server this service has open permissions. When tested using GET or POST requests on a browser the web service works as ...
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