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MariaDB 11.1.2-GA on Windows 11 Pro crashes every couple of days, sometimes couple of hours

Is there any current (October 2023) solution for MariaDB 11.1.2-GA on Windows 11 Pro crashing every couple of days or even sometimes every couple of hours with the following error in .err log: InnoDB: ...
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New WS install win11 Pro and O365: Connection to DB fails due to change in ownership from SQL to Azure. Is it a Permissions issue?

Security System: Unable to connect to Local Database Template. Error Message: The remote computer that you are trying to connect to requires Network Level Authentication (NLA), but your Windows domain ...
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How much space required to merge two tables?

I have some large sets of tables that I partition by date. Every day I run a query similar to this to merge the two tables WITH moved_rows AS ( DELETE FROM tableA_20230531 RETURNING * ) INSERT INTO ...
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Why PHPmyAdmin works on Windows 10 and not Windows 11?

I'm running Windows 11 and tried to install XAMPP on this machine. It installed Apache correctly, but when going to mySQL this appears: I tried everything I found online to fix this problem in order ...
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I can't install "SQL Server 2019" in windows 11. Getting error 0x84B40002

I can't install "SQL Server 2019" in windows 11. Getting error 0x84B40002 stating Database service engine failed.
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Postgres psql command intermittently 'stalls' in powershell

I'm in the process of moving a postgres database to a new server. I have number of large tables, partitioned by month, each contains several 10's of millions of rows. I have a powershell script to do ...
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