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Percona XtraDB Cluster : Synchronous Replication Cluster for MySQL

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Percona Cluster Failed with Haproxy : Connection Limit Exceeded

We have 3 node PXC cluster setup on amazon ec2. Its been working fine for around 4-5 months. Since last week, every node starting to fail due to MySQL connection limit exceeded error. we increased the ...
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Percona XtraDB Cluster With Async slaves

I have set up a 3 node percona cluster in amazon ec2. As our client required, i also had to set up an asynchronous slaves in another datacenter as well. Each async slave pointed to single percona ...
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Percona XtraDB Cluster and MySQL Replication

I've setup a 3-node multi master replication with percona xtradb cluster, it works perfectly. Now I've tried to add some read-only slaves setting up replication as usual but it seems the binlog doesn'...
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Percona Node fails to join: Operation not permitted

Joining a new Percona node fails with: 130521 7:15:44 [Warning] WSREP: Failed to prepare for incremental state transfer: Local state UUID (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) does not match group ...
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Does this make my XtraDB Cluster hang?

After seeing the following in the error log on the second node: 121003 7:16:06 [Note] WSREP: Member 0 (joiner) synced with group. 121003 7:16:06 [Note] WSREP: Shifting JOINED -> SYNCED (TO: 0) ...
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Percona XtraDB Cluster: How to skip SST when starting?

Is there a way to skip State Snapshot Transfer (SST) at startup on Percona XtraDB Cluster Server? wsrep_sst_mode=skip doesn't work: 121003 6:49:55 Percona XtraDB ( 1.1.8-...
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Scaling Percona datacenters: setup and replication

Since our startup has taken off nicely we are now meeting with some of those issues that you always assumed would NEVER effect you. We have already scaled alot of our application stack: we offloaded ...
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