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Why Does the Transaction Log Keep Growing or Run Out of Space?

This one seems to be a common question in most forums and all over the web, it is asked here in many formats that typically sound like this: In SQL Server - What are some reasons the transaction log ...
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Is a composite index also good for queries on the first field?

Let's say I have a table with fields A and B. I make regular queries on A+B, so I created a composite index on (A,B). Would queries on only A also be fully optimized by the composite index? ...
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Configuring PostgreSQL for read performance

Our system writes a lots of data (kind of Big Data system). Write performance is good enough for our needs but read performance is really too slow. The primary key (constraint) structure is similar ...
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What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?

What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?
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Possible to make MySQL use more than one core?

I've been presented with some dedicated MySQL servers that never use more than a single core. I'm more developer than DBA for MySQL so need some help Setup The servers are quite hefty with an OLAP/...
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How to move a database from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2005

What are my options if I need to move a database from SQL Server 2012(32bit) to SQL Server 2005(64bit)? I know I cannot: restore a backup of the database on SQL Server 2005 detach & attach I ...
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MAXDOP setting algorithm for SQL Server

When setting up a new SQL Server, I use the following code to determine a good starting point for the MAXDOP setting: /* This will recommend a MAXDOP setting appropriate for your machine's NUMA ...
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About single threaded versus multithreaded databases performance

H2 is a single threaded database with a good reputation regarding performance. Other databases are multi-threaded. My question is: when does a multi-thread database become more interesting than an ...
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Multi cores and MySQL Performance

Importance of RAM is an established fact but far less material is available about the importance of cores and multithreading when it comes to the usage of CPU by MySQL. I am talking about the ...
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Pattern matching with LIKE, SIMILAR TO or regular expressions

I had to write a simple query where I go looking for people's name that start with a B or a D: SELECT FROM spelers s WHERE LIKE 'B%' OR LIKE 'D%' ORDER BY 1 I was wondering if ...
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What event information can I get by default from SQL Server?

I often see questions where people want to know if a certain thing happened, or when it happened, or who performed the action. In a lot of cases, SQL Server just doesn't track this information on its ...
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Measure the size of a PostgreSQL table row

I have a PostgreSQL table. select * is very slow whereas select id is nice and quick. I think it may be that the size of the row is very large and it's taking a while to transport, or it may be some ...
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Upgrade SQL Server 2000 database to 2008 R2 and enable new features

I have recently upgraded SQL Server 2000 database to 2008 R2. What I did was: Shutdown SQL Server 2000 (express) service on old machine, Move datafiles (mydatabase.mdf and mydatabase.ldf) to new ...
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Retrieving n rows per group

I often need to select a number of rows from each group in a result set. For example, I might want to list the 'n' highest or lowest recent order values per customer. In more complex cases, the ...
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How can I optimize a mysqldump of a large database?

I have a symfony application with an InnoDB database that is ~2GB with 57 tables. The majority of the size of the database resides in a single table (~1.2GB). I am currently using mysqldump to ...
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How to safely change MySQL innodb variable 'innodb_log_file_size'?

So I'm fairly new to tuning InnoDB. I'm slowly changing tables (where necessary) from MyIsam to InnoDB. I've got about 100MB in innodb, so I increased the innodb_buffer_pool_size variable to 128MB: ...
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What is a deterministic method for evaluating a sensible buffer pool size?

I'm trying to come up with a sane way to understand if the max server memory (mb) setting is appropriate (either should be lower, or higher, or stay the way it is). I am aware that max server memory (...
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Find highest level of a hierarchical field: with vs without CTEs

note: this question has been updated to reflect that we are currently using MySQL, having done so, I would like to see a how much easier it would be if we switched to a CTE-supporting database. I ...
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Would index lookup be noticeably faster with char vs varchar when all values are 36 chars

I have a legacy schema (disclaimer!) that uses a hash-based generated id for the primary key for all tables (there are many). An example of such an id is: 922475bb-ad93-43ee-9487-d2671b886479 There ...
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I Need to Shrink My Database - I just freed a lot of space

This question is asked in various forms here but the question boils down to: I know shrinking a database is risky. In this case, I've removed so much data and I'll never use it again. How can I ...
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Why is my query suddenly slower than it was yesterday?

[Salutations] (check one) [ ] Well trained professional, [ ] Casual reader, [ ] Hapless wanderer, I have a (check all that apply) [ ] query [ ] stored procedure [ ] database thing maybe that ...
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5 answers

Restoring a backup to an older version of SQL Server

When trying to restore a backup to a SQL Server Express 2008 database I got the following error: Restore failed for Server '...\SQLEXPRESS'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended) System.Data.SqlClient....
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SQL injection in Postgres functions vs prepared queries

In Postgres, are prepared queries and user defined functions equivalent as a mechanism for guarding against SQL injection? Are there particular advantages in one approach over the other?
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MySQL InnoDB crash post-mortem

MySQL crashed on me this morning. With the exception of the standard MySQL included databases everything I use is InnoDB. I attempted to restart the MySQL daemon but it failed twice. I then ...
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3 answers

Problem with MySQL subquery

Why does this query DELETE FROM test WHERE id = ( SELECT id FROM (SELECT * FROM test) temp ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1 ); sometimes delete 1 row, ...
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147 votes
4 answers

Optimizing queries on a range of timestamps (two columns)

I use PostgreSQL 9.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. I need to select records inside a range of time: my table time_limits has two timestamp fields and one integer property. There are additional columns in my ...
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Postgres UPDATE ... LIMIT 1

I have a Postgres database which contains details on clusters of servers, such as server status ('active', 'standby' etc). Active servers at any time may need to fail over to a standby, and I don't ...
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How to have a one-to-many relationship with a privileged child?

I want to have a one-to-many relationship in which for each parent, one or zero of the children is marked as a “favorite.” However, not every parent will have a child. (Think of the parents as ...
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How large should be mysql innodb_buffer_pool_size?

I have a busy database with solely InnoDB tables which is about 5GB in size. The database runs on a Debian server using SSD disks and I've set max connections = 800 which sometimes saturate and grind ...
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Why shouldn't we allow NULLs?

I remember reading this one article about database design and I also remember it said you should have field properties of NOT NULL. I don't remember why this was the case though. All I can seem to ...
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How do I get back some deleted records?

I mistakenly deleted around 2,000,000 records from a remote SQL Server 2008 table. The server is not granting me access to the backup files on the server side. Is there any way to get back these ...
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42 votes
2 answers

Multicolumn index and performance

I have a table with a multicolumn index, and I have doubts about the proper sorting of the indexes to get the maximum performance on the queries. The scenario: PostgreSQL 8.4, table with about one ...
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difference in execution plans on UAT and PROD server

I want to understand why there would be such a huge difference in execution of the same query on UAT (runs in 3 sec) vs PROD (run in 23 secs). Both UAT and PROD are having exactly data and indexes. ...
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Select longest continuous sequence

I am trying to construct a query in PostgreSQL 9.0 that gets the longest sequence of continuous rows for a specific column. Consider the following table: lap_id (serial), lap_no (int), car_type (...
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Can spatial index help a "range - order by - limit" query

Asking this question, specifically for Postgres, as it has good supoort for R-tree/spatial indexes. We have the following table with a tree structure (Nested Set model) of words and their frequencies:...
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How to identify which query is filling up the tempdb transaction log?

I would like to know how to identify the exact query or stored proc which is actually filling up the transactional log of TEMPDB database.
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3 answers

Why does InnoDB store all databases in one file?

It was convenient that MyISAM used to store each table in a corresponding file. InnoDB has made advancements in many aspects, but I wonder why InnoDB stores all databases in one file (ibdata1 by ...
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2 answers

Return counts for multiple ranges in a single SELECT statement

I have a Postgres database table foo that, among other things, has a column for score that ranges from 0 - 10. I want a query to return the total number of scores, the number of scores between 0 and 3,...
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2 answers

What's the difference between a temp table and table variable in SQL Server?

This seems to be an area with quite a few myths and conflicting views. So what is the difference between a table variable and a local temporary table in SQL Server?
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13 answers

Should binary files be stored in the database?

What is the best place for storing binary files that are related to data in your database? Should you: Store in the database with a blob Store on the filesystem with a link in the database Store in ...
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48 votes
5 answers

When is it OK to shrink a Database?

I know shrink is the devil: It reverses page order and is responsible for skin cancer, data fragmentation, and global warming. The list goes on... That being said, say I have a 100 GB database and I ...
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Why mysql 5.5 slower than 5.1 (linux,using mysqlslap)

my.cnf (5.5 and 5.1 is the same) : back_log=200 max_connections=512 max_connect_errors=999999 key_buffer=512M max_allowed_packet=8M table_cache=512 sort_buffer=8M read_buffer_size=8M thread_cache=8 ...
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4 answers

Why are numbers tables "invaluable"?

Our resident database expert is telling us that numbers tables are invaluable. I don't quite understand why. Here's a numbers table: USE Model GO CREATE TABLE Numbers ( Number INT NOT NULL, ...
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Is there a name for this database schema of key values?

We process a routine data feed from a client who just refactored their database from a form that seems familiar (one row per entity, one column per attribute) to one that seems unfamiliar to me (one ...
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3 answers

What is the performance impact of using CHAR vs VARCHAR on a fixed-size field?

I have an indexed column that stores an MD5 hash. Thus, the column will always store a 32-character value. For whatever reason, this was created as a varchar rather than a char. Is it worth the ...
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40 votes
6 answers

How do you tune MySQL for a heavy InnoDB workload?

Assuming a production OLTP system with predominantly InnoDB tables What are the common symptoms of a mistuned/misconfigured system? What configuration parameters do you most commonly change from ...
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Working of indexes in PostgreSQL

I have a couple of questions regarding working of indexes in PostgreSQL. I have a Friends table with the following index: Friends ( user_id1 ,user_id2) user_id1 and user_id2 are foreign keys to ...
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Function Performance

Coming from a MySQL background, where stored procedure performance (older article) and usability are questionable, I am evaluating PostgreSQL for a new product for my company. One of the things I ...
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Are regular VACUUM ANALYZE still recommended under 9.1?

I'm using PostgreSQL 9.1 on Ubuntu. Are scheduled VACUUM ANALYZE still recommended, or is autovacuum enough to take care of all needs? If the answer is "it depends", then: I have a largish database (...
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How is LIKE implemented?

Can anyone explain how the LIKE operator is implemented in current database systems (e.g. MySQL or Postgres)? or point me to some references that explain it? The naive approach would be to inspect ...
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