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How do I list all databases and tables using psql?

When I log in with psql --username=postgres, how do I list all databases and tables? I have tried \d, d and dS+ but nothing is listed. I have created two databases and a few tables with pgAdmin III, ...
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List all columns for a specified table

I'm looking for a precise piece of information in a database which I have no knowledge about. The database is on a separate machine, but I can log into it, and launch a psql command line, with ...
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4 answers

How do you mysqldump specific table(s)?

How can I dump a specific table or set of tables without including the rest of the db tables?
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What's the difference between a temp table and table variable in SQL Server?

This seems to be an area with quite a few myths and conflicting views. So what is the difference between a table variable and a local temporary table in SQL Server?
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How do I list all schemas in PostgreSQL?

When using PostgreSQL v9.1, how do I list all of the schemas using SQL? I was expecting something along the lines of: SELECT something FROM pg_blah;
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How to insert values into a table from a select query in PostgreSQL?

I have a table items (item_id serial, name varchar(10), item_group int) and a table items_ver (id serial, item_id int, name varchar(10), item_group int). Now I want to insert a row into items_ver ...
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connect to PostgreSQL server: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host

I am trying to run a website sent to me but after doing so this error appeared connect to PostgreSQL server: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "4X.XXX.XX.XXX", user "userXXX", ...
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How can I time SQL-queries using psql?

I would like to benchmark some SQL-queries agains my PostgreSQL database. Is there any way I can time SQL-queries using psql?
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10 answers

List the database privileges using psql

I'm in the middle of a database server migration and I can't figure (after googling and searching here) how can I list the database privileges (or all the privileges across the server) on PostgreSQL ...
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Can MySQL reasonably perform queries on billions of rows?

I am planning on storing scans from a mass spectrometer in a MySQL database and would like to know whether storing and analyzing this amount of data is remotely feasible. I know performance varies ...
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Why Does the Transaction Log Keep Growing or Run Out of Space?

This one seems to be a common question in most forums and all over the web, it is asked here in many formats that typically sound like this: In SQL Server - What are some reasons the transaction log ...
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How can I monitor the progress of an import of a large .sql file?

I am importing a 7 GB foobar.sql to restore a table in a local database. $ mysql -h localhost -u root 'my_data' < foobar.sql $ mysql --version /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0....
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What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?

What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?
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When should I use a unique constraint instead of a unique index?

When I want a column to have distinct values, I can either use a constraint create table t1( id int primary key, code varchar(10) unique NULL ); go or I can use a unique index create table t2( id ...
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How large should be mysql innodb_buffer_pool_size?

I have a busy database with solely InnoDB tables which is about 5GB in size. The database runs on a Debian server using SSD disks and I've set max connections = 800 which sometimes saturate and grind ...
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Force drop db while others may be connected

I need to remove a database from a PostgreSQL DB cluster. How can I do it even if there are active connections? I need sort of a -force flag, that will drop all connections and then the DB. How can I ...
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How do you document your databases?

I find that most of my clients are not documenting their databases at all and I find that pretty scary. To introduce some better practice, I would like to know what tools/process people are using. ...
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'Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) for this operation' when trying to dump tablespaces

I am trying to backup mysql using the command mysqldump -u root -p database_name > backup.sql , but it is throwing an error: 'Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) ...
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3 answers

Granting a user account permission to create databases in PostgreSQL

How do I give a user account in PostgreSQL the ability to create and drop databases? Is there a way to do this with GRANT?
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2 answers

Create a MySQL database with charset UTF-8

I'm new to MySQL and I would like to know: How can I create a database with charset utf-8 like I did in navicat? create mydatabase; ...seems to be using some kind of default charset.
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Granting access to all tables for a user

I'm new to Postgres and trying to migrate our MySQL databases over. In MySQL I can grant SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE privileges on a low privileged user and enable those grants to apply to all ...
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7 answers

How can I optimize a mysqldump of a large database?

I have a symfony application with an InnoDB database that is ~2GB with 57 tables. The majority of the size of the database resides in a single table (~1.2GB). I am currently using mysqldump to ...
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6 answers

When should a primary key be declared non-clustered?

While creating a test database for another question I asked earlier, I remembered about a Primary Key being able to be declared NONCLUSTERED When would you use a NONCLUSTERED primary key as opposed ...
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How to get the name of the current database from within PostgreSQL?

Using \c <database_name> in PostgreSQL will connect to the named database. How can the name of the current database be determined? Entering: my_db> current_database(); produces: ERROR: ...
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17 answers

How do I find PostgreSQL's data directory?

I forgot how I started PostgreSQL the last time (it was months ago) and I don't remember where the data directory is located. The postgres command seems to require the location of the data directory. ...
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SQL: SELECT All columns except some

Is there a way to SELECT all columns in a table, except specific ones? IT would be very convenient for selecting all the non-blob or non-geometric columns from a table. Something like: SELECT * -...
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What's the difference between a CTE and a Temp Table?

What is the difference between a Common Table Expression (CTE) and a temp table? And when should I use one over the other? CTE WITH cte (Column1, Column2, Column3) AS ( SELECT Column1, Column2, ...
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20 answers

Should developers be able to query production databases?

Should developers be given permission to query (SELECT / read only) production databases? The previous place I worked, the development team had the db_datareader role; where I work now the ...
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6 answers

Good explanation of cascade (ON DELETE/UPDATE) behavior

I don't design schemas everyday, but when I do, I try to setup cascade updates/deletes correctly to make administration easier. I understand how cascades work, but I can never remember which table is ...
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Guid vs INT - Which is better as a primary key?

I've being reading around reasons to use or not Guid and int. int is smaller, faster, easy to remember, keeps a chronological sequence. And as for Guid, the only advantage I found is that it is ...
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13 answers

Should binary files be stored in the database?

What is the best place for storing binary files that are related to data in your database? Should you: Store in the database with a blob Store on the filesystem with a link in the database Store in ...
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4 answers

Help installing SQL Server 2017 - VS Shell installation has failed with exit code 1638

Any suggestions on how to deal with this error: TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Setup ------------------------------ The following error has occurred: VS Shell installation has failed with exit ...
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169 votes
13 answers

How can I move a database from one server to another?

How can I move MySQL tables from one physical server to another? Such as this exact scenario: I have a MySQL server that uses innodb table and is about 20GB size. I want to move it to a new server, ...
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How to list all constraints of a table in PostgreSQL?

How to list all constraints (Primary key, check, unique mutual exclusive, ..) of a table in PostgreSQL?
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9 answers

How to properly format sqlite shell output?

If I go to mysql shell and type SELECT * FROM users I get - +--------+----------------+---------------------------------+----------+-----------+--------------------+--------------------+ | USERID | ...
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158 votes
12 answers

How do I move SQL Server database files?

I have a database and want to move the .mdf and .ldf files to another location. But I do not want to stop the MSSQLSERVER service, and I do not want to export to another server. How can I do this?
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157 votes
3 answers

PostgreSQL multi-column unique constraint and NULL values

I have a table like the following: create table my_table ( id int8 not null, id_A int8 not null, id_B int8 not null, id_C int8 null, constraint pk_my_table primary key (id), ...
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Is it safe to delete mysql-bin files?

I have MM Replication in mysql, and I want to squeeze some free space in the box be deleting unnecessary files, I came across these mysql-bin files inside /var/db/mysql/ There are hundreds of those ...
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148 votes
4 answers

Optimizing queries on a range of timestamps (two columns)

I use PostgreSQL 9.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. I need to select records inside a range of time: my table time_limits has two timestamp fields and one integer property. There are additional columns in my ...
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148 votes
3 answers

Advantages and Disadvantages to using ENUM vs Integer types?

Lets say in some random table, you have a column named status. It's real-world values would be either enabled or disabled. Is it better for this column's data type to be an int/bool (1 or zero) or to ...
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11 answers

How to easily convert utf8 tables to utf8mb4 in MySQL 5.5

I have a database which now needs to support 4 byte characters (Chinese). Luckily I already have MySQL 5.5 in production. So I would just like to make all collations which are utf8_bin to utf8mb4_bin....
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8 answers

Pattern matching with LIKE, SIMILAR TO or regular expressions

I had to write a simple query where I go looking for people's name that start with a B or a D: SELECT FROM spelers s WHERE LIKE 'B%' OR LIKE 'D%' ORDER BY 1 I was wondering if ...
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145 votes
8 answers

Why shouldn't we allow NULLs?

I remember reading this one article about database design and I also remember it said you should have field properties of NOT NULL. I don't remember why this was the case though. All I can seem to ...
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3 answers

How can I specify the position for a new column in PostgreSQL?

If I have a table with the columns: id | name | created_date and would like to add a column, I use: alter table my_table add column email varchar(255) Then the column is added after the ...
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PostgreSQL not running on Mac

The error in its entirety reads: psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory. Is the server running locally and accepting connections on Unix domain socket "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432"?...
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7 answers

How to use psql with no password prompt?

I wrote a script to REINDEX indexes in a database. Here is one of them: echo -e "\nreindex for unq_vbvdata_vehicle started at: `date "+%F %T"`" >> ${LOG_FILE} psql -U ${USERNAME} -h ${HOSTNAME} ...
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Postgres UPDATE ... LIMIT 1

I have a Postgres database which contains details on clusters of servers, such as server status ('active', 'standby' etc). Active servers at any time may need to fail over to a standby, and I don't ...
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Possible to make MySQL use more than one core?

I've been presented with some dedicated MySQL servers that never use more than a single core. I'm more developer than DBA for MySQL so need some help Setup The servers are quite hefty with an OLAP/...
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How to turn JSON array into Postgres array?

I have a column data of type json that holds JSON documents like this: { "name": "foo", "tags": ["foo", "bar"] } I would like to turn the nested tags array into a concatenated string ('foo, ...
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Measure the size of a PostgreSQL table row

I have a PostgreSQL table. select * is very slow whereas select id is nice and quick. I think it may be that the size of the row is very large and it's taking a while to transport, or it may be some ...
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