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300 inserts per minute, 6 million rows per month

I have a Django application using Postgresql 9.3 that is about to grow in load to about 300 inserts per minute (peak load) and about 6 million rows per month in one table. Also there should be a lot of queries on that same table, nothing complicated, just a sum grouping by and indexed field.

The table looks like this:

        Column        |           Type           | Modifiers                                
 id                   | integer                  | not null default nextval('seq'::regclass)
 commercial_entity_id | integer                  | not null
 commercial_branch_id | integer                  | 
 when                 | timestamp with time zone | not null
 currency_id          | character varying(3)     | not null
 amount               | numeric(10,2)            | not null
 loyalty_account_id   | integer                  | not null
 code                 | character varying(16)    | not null

Can anyone tell me how much hardware should I provide for this load or what would be a good way to handle this?

Right now it is running on an Amazon AWS S3 m3.large with 2 vCPU and 7.5 GB of RAM. I guess this would not be enough but I don't have any real world experience to know better.

Thanks a lot.

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