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Property class Length Annotation PersistedResolvableAnnotation

I am trying to deploy an ssdt project using sqlpackage.exe utility. I get the following error (in German):

Fehler bei der Erstellung des Bereitstellungsplans. Die Bereitstellung kann nicht fortgesetzt werden. Die Property-Klasse Length ist nicht in der Element- oder Annotation-Klasse PersistedResolvableAnnotation enthalten.

It means sth. like:

Error while creating deployment plan. Deployment cannot proceed. The property-class Length is not included in the element or annotation class PersistedResolvableAnnotation.

I could not find much information about "PersistedResolvableAnnotation". But I realized that it is included in the model.xml in the dacpac.

It contains handful of SqlLogins defined similar to this one:

<Element Type="SqlUser" Name="[Angela]">
            <Property Name="IsWithoutLogin" Value="True" />
            <Relationship Name="DefaultSchema">
                    <References Name="[Angela]" Disambiguator="8" />
                    <Annotation Type="**PersistedResolvableAnnotation**" Name="[Angela]">
                        <Property Name="TargetTypeStorage" Value="SqlSchema" />
                        <Property Name="Length" Value="8" />
                        <Property Name="Offset" Value="62" />

Angela (and the other candidates) do not exist on destination server as Login, although they are registered database users in the target db. I would expect another error - if any - than this useless one.

The database the project is based on a pretty old SQL Server verison. Is it possible that this is some deprecated feature / syntax or property coming from Sql Server version and is simply not supported ? Does anyone know more details?