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Declare @SelectSql nvarchar(max), @InsertSql nvarchar(max);

SELECT @SelectSql = COALESCE(@SelectSql + ' UNION ALL ', '') +
                'Select '''+employeename+''' As employeename, datesold, itemsold, COUNT(itemsold)  As [totalsales] '
                +'FROM '+employeename+' '
                FROM storeinfo;
-- print @SelectSql;
-- Exec(@inlinesql);

SET @InsertSql = 'Insert into holdingtable ' + @SelectSql;

print @InsertSql;
exec (@InsertSql);

Not sure wheather it will help with performance, but surely is more elegant than cursor.

It it takes so long, consider aggregating data more often, or even in real-time using an index view (defined as SELECT ... FROM emp1 UNION ALL ...) instead of your holdingtable.