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we can’t restore a backup on a different instance without Certificates. We’ve to restore the Cert from Source Server , then we should be able to restore the Database from the Backup.

obviously your certificate & Master key are required for restore.

As MSSQLTREK Blog Here To restore the Certificate from source(And you have to create a DMK(Database Master Key) on destination if you don’t have one), the rest is just performing your normal DB restore process what you do on any other non encrypted user database(s).

Create a Master Key(You don’t have to do this if you already have DMK) and Create a certificate from the Cert Backup and providing Private Key file and Password to decrypt it.

For your further ref Here and Here

Note : If you enable TDE on any Database on your Instance, Your TEMPDB is automatically Encrypted as well. Soo…there’s a high possibility impacting other Databases which are actually not using TDE feature while you are in the process of enabling TDE!!!