I have read the article listed here:

[How to set connection timeout value for pgAdmin?][1]

many times, but I still have no idea where one sets the config parameter for connection_timeout. I am connecting from a local host to a local host, so there should be no real problems with keep alives.

I am using PgAdmin 4, PostGreSQL 9.6 on windows 10.

I would like to know the path to:

 - The server setting if that is where it needs to be set 
 - Or the location for a client config (if that is where it is set) 
 - What the exact values that have to be put in either case to defeat
   the connection time out.

I see others are also confused:


  [1]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24090683/how-to-set-connection-timeout-value-for-pgadmin