You can run this query to check the innodb buffer pool size. it will give a suggestion on the actual size of innodb buffer pool that you must set based on the workload, data size, indexes and etc your database.

> SELECT CEILING(Total_InnoDB_Bytes*1.6/POWER(1024,3)) RIBPS FROM
(SELECT SUM(data_length+index_length) Total_InnoDB_Bytes
FROM information_schema.tables WHERE ENGINE='InnoDB') A;

this query use to check the usage of your innodb buffer pool

> SELECT (PagesData*PageSize)/POWER(1024,3) DataGB FROM
(SELECT variable_value PagesData
FROM performance_schema.global_status
WHERE variable_name='Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_data') A,
(SELECT variable_value PageSize
FROM performance_schema.global_status
WHERE variable_name='Innodb_page_size') B;