I have some business unit such as India, International, US, UK. 

I have to:

1. Create a table variable (virtual in-memory table) with columns that match stored procedure `SP_Report` resultset
2. Declare a cursor that contains all business units and then the cursor should loop over the BU's
3. For each BU, execute a stored procedure called `SP_Report` and insert the data into the table variable
4. Finally I have to select the columns from the table variable + timestamp + BU, insert them into another table and clear the table variable.   


    declare @K table (BU nvarchar(max), K nvarchar(max),Y money, A money, D money, YP money)
    declare @FY int
    declare @BU nvarchar(max)
    INSERT INTO @K (BU, K, Y, A, D, YP) 
        EXEC dbo.SP_Report '2012', 'India'

This code returns the result of the table variable. Now I have to use it cursor, which I don't know how to. How I can solve the same.