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TempDB is part of MS SQL Server. It's a system database that functions as a storage area for temporary tables, internal objects and row versions.

0 votes
2 answers

reapply permissions post sql server restart

In our environment, users were granted read/write/ddladmin permissions on tempdb database (dev/qa/prod). These permissions will be lost when SQL Services restart, as tempdb rebuilds every time. … Another thought, is take a daily backup (with a 15day retention policy) of tempdb permissions and use the same job to pick the latest file to reapply the permissions when SQL restarts. …
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4 votes
3 answers

How can we restrict tempdb usage for specific users or queries on SQL Server?

In our SQL Server production environment some users run ad hoc queries that run huge data extracts into tempdb and fills it up, causing issues on a production server. … And now they say that in SAP ASE (Sybase) there is a feature to create multiple tempdb's and redirect users and restrict usage, by not bloating up the single tempdb (as like in SQL Server) and bring the …
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