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All versions of MySQL (not Microsoft SQL Server). Please also add a version-specific tag like mysql-5.7 if that is relevant to the question.

) to your database directory in which Database you want to restore them and it should work. Note: if there is any permission related issue then use below command to make sure mysql can use these files/tables. $ chown -R mysql:mysql /path_till_your_db_directory/* …
answered Nov 8 '13 by Zafar Malik
second_behind_master continue in incrementing mode and even exec_master_log_pos will not change, which should continue increment in normal scenario. Reason of this behaviour is due to mysql first execute all sql … get multiple sql statements associated with this position. mysqlbinlog --start-position=260127695 mysql-bin.000189 --base64-output=decode-rows -v | less read relay log file (on slave server) at the …
answered Aug 18 '15 by Zafar Malik
Try the below: Add below 2 lines in my.cnf skip-grant-tables skip-networking Restart mysql service service mysqld restart Note: if you don't have a service, you can do from /etc/init.d … / Connect mysql: mysql Update root password: UPDATE mysql.user SET PASSWORD=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE USER='root'; flush privileges"; exit; Remove newly added lines from my.cnf and restart the …
answered Feb 4 '16 by Zafar Malik
First of all as @Michael Hampton updated that table name start from #sql are temporary tables created by mysql and as per my understanding removed automatically after use. So you should not worry for … it. If only user table is required (For mysql user rights), then follow below steps: Step1: copy below tables from /var/lib/mysql/mysql path user.frm user.MYD user.MYI db.frm db.MYD db.MYI …
answered Feb 19 '14 by Zafar Malik
Either you are using mysql version before 5.6 as earlier than 5.6 default curent_timestamp feature was related with timestamp data type not datetime. So use this feature with timestamp instead of … datetime which is performance wise better and also used 4 bytes vs 8 bytes for datetime, if there is no other limitation in your case. If you want to use datetime due to any specific reason then upgrade mysql version as 5.6.5 or higher. …
answered Sep 16 '15 by Zafar Malik
. Note: If I delete it from its directory path then mysql will throw error message related with it and also I am not aware what will be its impact. I will be very thankful for any quick help …
asked Jun 9 '14 by Zafar Malik
Even here so many excellent answers, so this post is just to add one more choice. By below 2 lines in script, you can take your servers all DB's backup ignoring some DB. DB_LIST=`mysql -Nse "SELECT … GROUP_CONCAT(SCHEMA_NAME SEPARATOR ' ') FROM information_schema.SCHEMATA WHERE SCHEMA_NAME NOT IN ('mysql','information_schema','performance_schema','sys');"` mysqldump -R -B $DB_LIST > BACKUPNAME.sql …
answered Dec 27 '16 by Zafar Malik
There is few ways to do it as per below- 1) partitioning but you don't want it. Also need to remember that partitioning does not support with foreign keys. 2) You can normalize your table if there i …
answered Dec 30 '15 by Zafar Malik