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When used in the context of databases, memory refers to RAM directly addressable by the CPU as opposed to going through the I/O subsystem.

The "memory" being referred to in the term "memory pressure" is physical RAM, not hard-drive space. What exactly are you attempting to do when you get this error? It seems that it could be due to … . According to the following Microsoft KB article (# 2003681), it could be due to actual memory pressure: Possible causes of "Failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime (CLR)" when using SQL CLR …
answered Jul 25 '16 by Solomon Rutzky
unpredictable behavior if the custom SQLCLR code is using shared memory via static class variables. Regarding the various reasons for AppDomains to get unloaded, it could be due to executing something … language (DDL) operations. A more common reason for AppDomains to get unloaded, and more likely the subject of this Question, is due to "memory pressure". Memory Pressure is when the amount of available …
answered May 9 '16 by Solomon Rutzky
Without discounting anything stated in @Shanky's answer, it should be noted that the specific AppDomain being unloaded is in the [mssqlsystemresource] database. This is an internal database that store …
answered Oct 1 '15 by Solomon Rutzky
I want to load my entire database into memory, but how can I do this? Before figuring out "how" to do something, it is often best to be clear on "why" that something should be done. So, why … exactly do you want to load your entire database into memory? Memory is a finite resource, so it needs to be used efficiently / wisely. I have about 256 GB memory and my database is about 200 GB, so …
answered Jun 16 '16 by Solomon Rutzky
gain here? Saving the time it takes to read those data pages into memory from disk? If the pages in the buffer pool were saved to a file to be reloaded upon start-up, it would still take that same (or … pages had to be loaded? How long does your system take to load pages? One person waiting an extra 1 second for that particular result set (cuz after that, those pages are in memory for subsequent …
answered Mar 4 '18 by Solomon Rutzky
SQLCLR usage is in any way related to performance issues?" From what I see of your output, SQLCLR is taking up very little memory. It has 110 MB of physical ram for the ClrProcCache. Ok. That is just … apply value.0 / 1024 / 1024), but that is a) virtual memory, not physical, and b) barely under half of the 12.40 GB of virtual memory reserved by the Buffer Pool. If you scroll over to the …
answered Jul 11 '16 by Solomon Rutzky
is because a Compiled Plan is not the same thing as a Query Plan. A Compiled Plan is comprised of multiple Memory Objects, the combined size of which equates to the size_in_bytes field. So, the … ) of those pieces being the query plan(s). Compiled Plans have a top-level Memory Object of MEMOBJ_COMPILE_ADHOC which is the row in sys.dm_os_memory_objects that is linked via the …
answered Jun 17 '16 by Solomon Rutzky