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Making copies of data which may be restored after a data loss event or to recover data from some earlier point in time.

There are no absolute recommendations we can give you with the information you've given. Things this depends on: Your current backup settings. In SQL 2008 R2 you can compress backups to save on … backup size. You should also consider upgrading to SQL Server 2012 (which seems to be supported on NAV 2013). Server performance (CPU/IO): How long does it take the server to perform a full backup, if …
answered Sep 3 by Tom V - Team Monica
to restore the last known good backup, even though sometimes you can get away with messing in the .xml files or the data folder structure there is no guarantee and it's certainly not automated. You … can test an OLAP backup using msmdsrv.exe on the server (located in <driveletter>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\<instance>\OLAP\bin). For example executing C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL …
answered Aug 13 '15 by Tom V - Team Monica
That's what happens when you pass in a backup file that either doesn't exist or on which you don't have access. For example if I run the command on an existing backup file I get this: msmdsrv -j -b … "c:\temp\AdventureWorksDW2012Multidimensional-EE.abf" Outputs the arguments as well as the test results: -j -b c:\temp\AdventureWorksDW2012Multidimensional-EE.abf Backup file \?\c:\temp …
answered Feb 13 '17 by Tom V - Team Monica
this: You can see the exact script that will be used is this: BACKUP DATABASE [mydatabase] TO DISK = N'G:\location\file1.bak', DISK = N'G:\location\file2.bak' WITH NOFORMAT, NOINIT, NAME … = N'databasename-Full Database Backup', SKIP, NOREWIND, NOUNLOAD, STATS = 10 GO If you then refer to the documentation about backups you will see that this script creates a striped backup. A …
answered Oct 12 '18 by Tom V - Team Monica
The SQL Service account should have write access to the folder to be able to write the backup there. Depending if you also want to create subdirectories, overwrite backups or delete old backups you need appropriate rights for that too. …
answered May 27 '15 by Tom V - Team Monica
One thing that could cause this is if you use the Name of the database instead of the ID. For example, I created a database with with the name Demo1, so the ID defaulted to the same string. Afterwar …
answered Jan 5 '18 by Tom V - Team Monica
application, you can restore a database from the geo-replicated backups to a server in any other region. There is a delay between when a differential backup is taken and when it is geo-replicated to an … is a bigger latency and possibility of data loss. You also can't do a point in time restore. So when you restore the backup from an existing database through the azure portal you have access to the …
answered Oct 16 '17 by Tom V - Team Monica
If you are using Windows and are using RDP to connect to the server you can just select the dump file, press CTRL-C, switch to the server connection and browse to a folder where you would like to copy …
answered Jul 25 '18 by Tom V - Team Monica
I'm not sure I would advocate it as a good solution, neither performance wise nor as a best practice, but there actually is a possibility. In short, the steps would be Make a backup on a swap … file on the server Create a temporary table with a varbinary field Insert the backup into the table Fetch column data using ADO.NET Save the stream in a file The full source code is available on …
answered Jul 14 '15 by Tom V - Team Monica
you don't have full backups and transaction log backups from your important databases (which are in full recovery) you really need to revise your backup strategy. SAN level snapshots really moot the …
answered Oct 12 '15 by Tom V - Team Monica