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An answer to this question was provided on the AWS Developer Forums thread to which it was originally posted. Summary RDS PostgreSQL (as of the versions available in April 2018) doesn't always recover after restart; however, if the RDS instance does not shutdown within an unspecified timeout, RDS will force terminate the instance, requiring PostgreSQL to ...


Posting an answer in the hopes that it helps anyone else seeing this issue. Client:ClientRead is best summarized as the time waiting on the client to read the data, and can include not just time transmitting but also time waiting for the client to be ready to transmit. Important to note for NodeJS users. NodeJS, for better or worse, has that single-threaded ...


convention is that ndf is used for the 2nd & subsequent data file & ldf for the transaction log file - so YES these are included in your database backup. Also worth noting that these are just conventions and you can give the files any extension you like.

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