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Storing arrays of data in a time-series database

There are some options in this case. These include traditional relational tables and NoSQL databases. A database like MySQL has JSON data type (see MySQL - JSON Data Type - Creating JSON Values) which ...
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MySQL Trigger updating second table based on History and computed values

The final solution I got using @nbk adivice is: Remove trigger trg_BI_Lottery_Cycle_Missing Remove trigger trg_BI_Lottery_Cycle_Cycle Refactor the trigger trg_AI_Lottery_Cycle_Update_Lottery_Cycle ...
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Select rows where an item in a list of items is in a jsonb array of items

Use the "jsonb_exists_any" operator ?| taking text[] as right operand. The manual: Do any of the strings in the text array exist as top-level keys or array elements? SELECT * FROM ...
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