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Eventually I found that DB2 UDB does not have its own repository for users, unlike other database servers. DB2 relies on the OS for user management. In Windows, for instance, after creating a UDB user, one has to go into Windows Control Panel/User Accounts and add that same user. Then UDB will allow it to log in with the password, supplied on the OS level. I ...


When you have a connection, (ref SHOW CREATE USER), show create user {user} will how you the plugin used for any specific user. SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLE LIKE 'default_authentication_plugin' will show which authentication is used for created users if none is specified. ref


SSL_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION is a sqlnet.ora parameter - effectively a property of the database itself - not a listener parameter. You can only have one value per database instance (stand-alone or container), so there is no way to have the parameter set differently for separate clients. What you are attempting cannot be done as far as I know.

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