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If you have a situation like me, then you can accomplish this a whole lot easier Step 1: Get a good set of data, including the key field values(in my case, the problem was that the primary key could not be synced with two other tables properly) Step 2: Use the SSMS ability to create a Drop and Create Table of the one you need to create. Also, make sure that ...


You have 2 options: Before insert trigger to set person_id column with some sequence. Set default value to sequence next value. Example is below. create table t1 (id int primary key , x int); insert into t1 values (1,1); create sequence t1_Seq start with 2; alter table t1 alter column id set default nextval('t1_seq'); insert into t1 (x) values (2);


If that is too much boilerplate code, then create a function that does the job: create or replace function make_serial(p_table_schema text, p_table_name text, p_column_name text) returns void as $$ declare l_sql text; l_seq_name text; l_full_name text; begin l_seq_name := concat(p_table_name, '_', p_column_name, '_seq'); l_full_name := ...

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