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HADR_SYNC_COMMIT waits on SQL Server

I wanted to say kudos for diving in and investigating using XE, that's definitely a correct step in the eventual solution. Having said that, it's unlikely we're going to be able to directly help in ...
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HADR_SYNC_COMMIT waits on SQL Server

As far as I can see, this is happening because your alwayson AG is synchronously redoing the index reconstruction on the secondary and this takes time. These waits describe exactly this situation. If ...
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Name in sys.availability_groups_cluster returns double character length

An update was included in SQL Server 2022 CU10 that might address this issue: Fixes unexpected characters that you encounter in the name column of the sys.availability_groups_cluster dynamic ...
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In an Always On configuration, why do I have to open ports of the listener as well for the sql server engine itself for the listener ips?

listener01\instance01 You should never use instance names with a listener. Always use ports. You can also designate a non-standard availability group listener port. However, you also need to ...
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best practice for side by side sql version upgrade with Availability groups

We are attempting our first ever side by side upgrade of a 2 node(multi-subnet, enterprise edition) AG from sql 2016 to 2019. So all new OS Environments? Do you want to keep the same cluster? Move to ...
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Can't remove "synchronizing/suspect" database after removed from availability group Sql Server 2019 Enterprise

Please try to disconnect and reconnect the instance or may be even check it with other user. There could be a possibility that AlwaysOn on monitoring page is opened. Chances are high that with a new ...
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