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AWS Postgres replication: adding indexes to a replica?

You certainly can use logical replication with extra indexes on the subscriber to support the SQL statements there. That solution may be good enough for your queries. If it is not good enough, design ...
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high cpu spikes on postgresql (rds)

The graphs indicate a significant increase in inserts and updates between 5 PM and 8 PM, along with a rise in concurrent sessions compared to the single-session transactions observed from 2 PM to 5 PM....
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I need to move from sqlite to a distributed setup. What are my options?

If I understand you environment correctly, then the best way would be to do a "timestamp based" partitioning. Keep current business objects in the operational copy of the database, move ...
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Can not create logon trigger on AWS RDS sql server instance

Amazon's documentation for Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server lists Server-level Triggers under the category of "The following Microsoft SQL Server features aren't supported on Amazon RDS". ...
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Unable to enable Performance Insights on Amazon RDS db.t3.small instance

I found a page entitled "Amazon RDS DB engine, Region, and instance class support for Performance Insights". According to the first table on that page (under the column "Instance class ...
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