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Restore a .bak in azure managed Database SQL

Before you have to download the DMA Tool and check if that database is compatible with Azure SQL Database. Run the DMA Tool against the SQL Server on prem.
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merge or delete then insert or delete then append when the database is unstable

Besides what Erik said, which is excellent advice because MERGE can be both inefficient and buggy, here's some answers to your other questions: What if the delete is successful and insert failed due ...
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merge or delete then insert or delete then append when the database is unstable

This answer is to dissuade you from using merge. It’s like throwing SQL Server an awful knuckleball and requires a lot of special care and handling to use correctly. Use Caution with SQL Server's ...
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SQLPackage : Import or Export SQL Azure BACPAC without users

I was having a similar problem, but I coudn't find a way to generate the .bacpac without users, there is a workarround if you need the copy in the same suscription, the Microsoft Suport Team guide us ...
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How can I limit storage space taken up by `wpr_bucket_table`?

You've identified that the wpr_bucket_table is not documented, which means it likely was created by something connecting to the database, not SQL Server itself. If this is a test db just delete the ...
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multiple percentile_cont with where clause

Try to move from percentile_cont to APPROX_PERCENTILE_CONT In this example it pushed the speed from ~13 seconds to ~1.5 seconds.
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Will Azure SQL still charge if I don't consume all DTUs that I have allocated?

Answer is Yes. If you want different behavior, consider using Serverless pricing model:
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Bacpac Import fails with error 'The Element or Annotation class SqlDatabaseOptions does not contain the Property class CatalogCollation'

If you don't want to upgrade/install anything. Just copy .bacpac file to your Azure storage and try Import Database option available in Azure Portal:
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How to update all tables in specific schema in dev database from prod database in sql server?

The SQL Server Import and Export Wizard in SSMS is old at this point, and can be a pain. There's a multitude of ways to copy data between databases but I'll mention the simplest of the two below: ...
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Azure SQL Database Sync Login Issue

I ended up having to turn off AAD Auth only and it worked.
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Get the size of all Azure SQL Databases

I ended up patching a few bits of PowerShell together from various sources. It was pretty slow running, but did the job. #Connect-AzAccount #$OutData = @() $IgnoreDB = @('master', 'SSISDB') $Subs = @...
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